My Wife: Accepting What Is

by Richard

(Wendy's title, not his...)

My wife and I are in our 70s.
Sometimes I have to remind our kids that we’re slow and old!

I have more energy and grit than my wife, so I still work full time. I don’t expect much from my wife in cleaning the house. "Just pace yourself. Don’t over-exert." is what I suggest to her.

She doesn’t like to cook, and I’m fine with that. She sleeps long hours and eats cereal after I cook us a good meal. Instead of arguing with her for not eating, I overlook it. I love leftovers. If she won’t eat, I enjoy eating her share the next day.

We don’t drink, so I eat like a king on an affordable budget.

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You are full of life
by: Michael - Sunny and Warm Venice Florida

Your wife is a big girl. She can decide when and what she wants to eat. As the pediatrician always told my Mom, "don't worry what the kids eat, as long as they're eating!"

I eat a different type of diet than my husband, although we do sit down for our meals together.

You sound vibrant and full of energy, so don't tell your kids that you are "slow and old."

"Quick as we can be under our current circumstances" might be more appropriate. Then, tell them you've been running marathons around your wife!

by: Anonymous

Hat’s off to you and I too look to be content . It is a gift and I am thankful for this ability

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