Mystery Shopper, anyone?

Have you ever heard of Mystery Shoppers? They do exist!

My website friend, Rayven, was a long time Stay-at-Home-Mom and she has earned an income with many different methods.

She enjoyed Mystery Shopping years ago… as her family travelled the country, homeschooling on the way, she was a mystery shopper at many stores and restaurants. 

Just saying, I KNOW this is a real job out there!

NOW – what the HECK is Mystery Shopping? 

Mystery Shopping is where you are assigned a store or restaurant to visit. You are working for a company who pays you to buy a specific product, or order a special meal, and they pay you do send your opinion on the services offered.

At first, it sounds odd. Really? Paid to shop or have dinner? Yeah, right…

But think about this from the companies point of view… they need people who are not known to the store or restaurant manager. Real people who visit the establishment, just one of many that day, and you seem to be just one more customer.

BUT — you return home and write a detailed report on the services you were provided.  This book from Amazon will help you do it correctly.

The Mystery Shopper Training Program Book: All You Ever Wanted to Know About the Best Part-Time Job

IF you do this job well enough, you will get prime adventures.  You can visit places you’d never hope to visit, and eat at really nice restaurants, with someone else footing the bill.

If you think about it, this is perfect for retirees. What manager would think a Lil Ole Lady was a Mystery Shopper reporting his services back to headquarters?

Plus retirees have a lifetime of people skills, can take their time to write a well-written detailed report, and could use a little side income too!

Finally, there are lots of legitimate Mystery Shopping opportunities out there. These companies need real people to evaluate the individual shops and restaurants to assure they are doing their jobs.

However, there are also plenty of scammers, as with most industries. Read this Federal Trade Commission article so that you aren’t scammed!


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