National Insurance Commercial - Looking for New Retirees

NEW Retirees Needed for a SAG National Network Commercial for Prudential.

Last year, I posted the notice on the bottom of this page... the results are here:
(proof that this is a real casting call from Prudential). You can click on any of the tiny photos and it gets larger so you can read their story. Some are videos and you'll see them move slightly showing you it's a video to watch.

2012 commercial

Men and Women between the ages of 50-70 who are retiring between the months of February 1st and April 1st 2012 are needed for a SAG National Network commercial.

Please send the information below to

1) Name

2) Date of Retirement

3) Photograph of yourself in a Natural Environment

4) Contact Number

This is a great opportunity to make extra residual income. If chosen you will receive $592 plus residual payments.
Please feel free to email us with any questions. Once we hear from you, we can also send you more details regarding the project.

Date: 2/13/2012

2011 commercial

Need Baby Boomers for National Network Commercial who are retiring in July who are between the ages of 60 & 70.

The Cast Station is Casting a National Insurance Commercial and Looking for Men and Women retired/retiring between May - Aug 2011.

Please send the following information to:

  • Name
  • Recent snapshot (casual photo in natural environment)
  • Contact Number
  • Date of Retirement

    Potential to Make Money:

    If selected, if you will be asked to take a photo on the first day of your retirement and make up to $200.

    If this photo is selected for the commercial, you will make SAG Scale and possible residual payments.

    Date: 6.20.2011

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    Nice Gig!
    by: Anonymous

    If Henry Winkler and Robert Wagner can sell reverse mortgages and make money - why can't we? Residual income from 1 commercial is sweet!

    Wendy: Absolutely!

    If anyone is interested, the gal who wanted me to post this, from the agency, is willing to take phone calls. She actually wants to speak to anyone who might be interested... I don't want to publish the number but email me and I will give it to you!

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