Need Cataract Help...

by Jane

I have a question that retirees might help me answer.

I have the beginning stages of cataracts. I have use a big magnifier to read anything. There are so many options out there it is hard to determine the best or worst way to go.

There are several new drops that claim to reverse cataracts. I really do not want to go the surgery route if I can keep from it.

Every website thinks only their brand of treatment is the right one.

Does anyone have any comments about cataract treatments?

I'm sure I'm not the only one needing this information or at least some input.

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MY Cataracks
by: Rita Cotton

I had catarac surgery about two years ago and really there was nothing to it, it was over with before i knew it, i wore glasses from the time i was 36, i am now almost 85 and i can read fine no glasses ,i only use eye drops, nothing else.

Be Careful!
by: Wendy

This is the article on Castor Oil and Cataracts. Please be very careful...

cataract surgery
by: Linda. Ca.

I've wore glasses since I was 6 always getting new lens.

I had both eyes worked on in surgery and am glad I did , can see to drive without glasses and watch T.V.

Also have astigmatism, the Dr could flatten out the lens.

Don't worry about the surger , You can go out to eat right after . Go for it ! You won't be sorry .

by: Anonymous

I have several friends who were, for medical reasons, unable to tolerate cataract surgery. They successfully treated their cataracts with drops they bought online.

Also, Dr. Norm Shealy has long used USP castor oil drops in the eyes of his patients. He says it takes a few months, but he has had success with patients over the years. You put them in at bedtime. I have just begun doing that myself.

Cataract Surgery
by: Jan

I,too, did not want to have cataract surgery and put it off as long as I could. I had cataracts in both eyes and had 1 removed in late 2011, the other in early 2012.

My eyes have always been bad. One eye is totally shaped wrong. I've worn glasses since I was a toddler. My vision is the BEST it has ever been in my whole life.

My surgeries were done at the outpatient surgery center at the Eye Center. Very easy surgery, very quick recovery.

I encourage you to have them surgeries done. I am sure you will be glad you did :)

by: Carol K

Hi Jane, I've not heard of drops that will reverse cataracts and I don't really see how that is possible.

I've had cataract surgery on both eyes and the difference afterwards is remarkable. I would have not told you before that my eyesight was affected, but I sure noticed the difference. The biggest difference was in the colour of things. It was as if a yellowish curtain had been lifted from my eyes! Of course, certain parts of my eyesight were better too.

It is a relatively simple operation in the hands of a skilled surgeon. I would do a lot of research into those drops that proclaim to reverse cataracts as it doesn't sound possible

Good luck, Carol

by: Betty Audet

I had two successful cataract operations 15 years apart.

What a difference with the ease of the second one. I can read or watch TV without my glasses which I had worn since I was in grade 10 but do use them for any prolonged work. My husband also had two successful cataract operations just six months apart. He was sent to a specialist who was able to clear his glaucoma with these operations.

I do believe that most cataract operations are very successful

About Cataract help
by: Elna Nugent, Lenox, MA

Back in 2009 i had cataracts removed from both eyes followed up weeks later with laser treatments.

Right after after the cataracts were removed , I really couldn't believe how incredible a miracle it seemed. The result was that I felt like a young girl again. I don't need glasses for reading or for driving. I do have a pair for TV watching which are also used for driving at night because my depth perception is not good without them. I began boring people by telling them how amazed I am by this.

The cataract surgery was not a big deal , just as my friends had said. It just takes a while. ( both eyes done)

The follow up laser treatments took much less time on both eyes. a week or so later .

My friends had told me that it would be easy but I didn't believe them because everyone is different. All I can say is that it changed my life and raised my confidence for doing things I never would have dreamed before.

If you do it, you are not going to believe how wonderful you will feel. Blessings, Elna

yur never too young to have cataracts **
by: sharyn

everyone responds differently > however, cataract removal ( in my opinion ) is so quick & thorough > only takes a few minutes & u r good to go <3 U can put that magnifying glass in the drawer ! been there , done that & lm 68 > female >> enjoy *

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