Nervous about retirement

by JT

I feel somewhat better that I'm not alone. I'm still working and my husband retired 4 years ago. I plan to retire in about 5 years (5-year age difference).

My husband is a handy man and has helped people with their homes, woodworking projects, etc., but after feeling taken advantage of, he doesn't do it. They did take advantage and act as if he had no life.

Our two dogs passed away in 2016, a week apart and we said no more dogs as we wanted to take advantage of travel, etc. We aren't rich and have bills so that would be limited to the area or small getaways.

Then the subject of a puppy came up from my daughter and I told my husband it's completely up to him as he would be the one with it much of the day. At first he said no, then decided to go ahead. Anyway, he plays with the dog a bit, but doesn't take it for a walk. I planned to do that, but the pup is spooked by something so we don't go around our area.

My husband had an interest in outdoor sports, we both hunt, fish and golf. Lately when I ask if he wants to do anything other than TV because he's always planted in his chair watching TV when I get home, he says no, he has no interest. I tell him to visit his brother in AZ alone and he won't go without me. I have to plan time off.

Basically, life is getting very boring at home, even though we have land and like the outdoors. My job is changing, too so it's not the most fun place to be. It's scary thinking of retiring when it may just be me going out on my own. No relatives are near and the kids have their own lives.

We're not social people, even though I can adapt to most people/places. My husband doesn't care to. And you're all right, it gears you towards a depression and you fight against it.

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