Nervous Nellie (Driving Fears)

Fear of Driving on highways, and especially bridges.

Every time I try and get close, I get the heebeegeebees. Get an anxiety attack. Used to drive alot and enjoyed it very much!

But, I concur with many of the other women on this topic. don't know why? We are strong, have children, work outside the home, cook, clean, construction, we can do it all. We did it all. Once retirement age snuck in, that was it. Why? The best days are ahead of us.

Am going to try a product that was recommended. Rescue Remedy. Stress relief to calm down and stay in controls. Amazon has it. Comes in drops and gum. It is by a doctor, and is natural; from flowers?

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by: Mavis, Saskatchewan.

I also use Bach’s Rescue Remedy and find it calms the nerves whilst the mind taps alert.

A great product for senior nervousness!!!

Driving Phobia
by: Canadian Retiree

You sound like me. I used to love driving and was fearless now not so much.

My driving phobia actually started when I was still working. I had an accident- not my fault- a woman hit me as I was making a left turn. My car was totalled.

After that I started getting a fear of driving on the freeway. I still can’t drive on the freeway. Then I started getting anxiety driving over bridges. Even a bridge I drove daily over to work became a problem. I don’t mind driving around my community but anywhere else I let my husband do the driving.

Hopefully your remedy will help you. I had to see a psychiatrist to get my driving courage back. It did help but I still have to force myself to drive sometimes. Good luck!

by: Donna

My big driving fear is merging on to a busy highway or changing lanes in traffic. I am afraid there is a car in my blindspot and I'll either hear a angry horn blow or the crash of metal everytime I'm in that situation. I have started going back roads to places if possible even if it takes longer,

by: Jeanne Savelle/Atlanta

I find I don't want to drive as much as I used to, not because of fear, but I don't enjoy it like I used to. I used Uber/Lyft before COVID and now just drive on back roads where I need to go. Night driving is more difficult so I try to keep it to daylight hours.

Not just women
by: Patrick

I used to drive 30k miles a year. Never had an issue. Now I get vertigo whenever I have a steep drop on my left-hand side. Bridges are a nightmare.

Was in Lake Tahoe two years ago when it started. I could drive around the lake in one direction but could not drive back.

Now live in Ireland with very narrow coastal roads and I have to be very careful as vertigo makes me physically ill when there is a cliff drop on my left-hand side.

Does not appear to be a physical or eyesight cause. Just age or maybe anxiety, I don't know.

Might try what you recommend.

by: Wee-zer

I too am crazy nervous on the highways. I don't think it is us but the wretched drivers out there now. No one obeys any rules of the road. Everyone tailgates going 85 mph. There is no space between cars and when there is, someone will jerk into that little space you might have. Driving in traffic is like a a battle zone.

I hope you find relief with the herbal stuff. As often as I can, I try to find back roads to go places. Less travelled, slower paced roads.

I hope it works!
by: U R Not Alone!

That sounds like a great idea! Can't hurt.
Chewing any gum is great for anxiety and RR gum should be extra good. It won't make you sleepy or addicted like benzodiazepines.

Rescue Remedy is a Bach flower Essence remedy, a combination of individual ones prepared to use after extremely disturbing events which those driving events can be! I have used it for my mother in the ICU (a cream) and for my dogs in addition to me

I hope that helps you!

by: Carol, Canada

I have used Rescue Remedy drops, made from flowers. I forgot about it and I have some. Must try it, thanks for reminding. Can't remember if it worked that well though.

I have anxiety since retirement and don't like to drive or go to stores anymore. Thank god my husband does most of it but I miss going out by myself.

Traffic has doubled in the past few years and it's crazy out there and so busy everywhere here. I'm in Canada.

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