Never too late

by Ruth Johnson
(Buffalo, NY)

Ruth Johnson

Ruth Johnson

At the young age of 80, I learned the art of doing Haikus.

Talk about falling in love! I was smitten with using words in specific patterns to create something that would cheer me and others.

Having joy and success with these encouraged me to try to finish the one remaining item on my Bucket List, finishing my master's degree.

I finished my application to my old alma mater with these:

You're never too old
To do one or more things
From your Bucket List.

No excuses, please
The brain needs exercising.
Boredom causes death.

My success depends
On how enthusiastic I am
Bout my results.

Each day gives us all
A chance to be well used since
Not all have this gift.

BTW I hope to start my road to my master's this Spring at age 89.

Wish me luck.

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Way to go Mom!
by: Debbie/Florida

Anyone who knows Ruth is not surprised that she is starting a new adventure! Some things on her bucket list have been daring, ie skydiving and rafting in the Grand Canyon! This one is perfect because she is always looking for new things to learn!

You got this Mom!! 💕

Never Too Late
by: Lorrie

Good for you, Ruth. I am so proud of you. You are right - we are never too old to learn new things. Good luck with your new endeaver.

never too late
by: Anonymous

Thank you for your submission. I enjoyed your submission.

At the age of 58 I went back for a master's. My cohort had 13 in the group. Of course, I was by far the oldest. Two of us finished on time. I never did get the advancement I thought I would get in my place of employment after I got my master's, so that was, in truth, severely disappointing.

But, I did feel on a par with my peers after getting that master's degree.

Another part of the story is that 6 months into the master's degree, the right to get in-state tuition although living in an adjacent state with a cooperative program, were revoked. Now, we all know out of state tuition and fees would be prohibitive.

Never before have I fought for something I felt I deserved, but eventually the program repented, and I was again permitted in state tuition. I really fought hard, building my case against this trickery.

So, if you run into hurdles, FIGHT. If you happen to be in Portland Oregon, I'll be more than happy to cheer for you on your graduation. Just let me know.


Masters Degree at Age 89!
by: Wendy, Retirement Enthusiast/Coach

Big WOW.

Go Ruth -- and why not?

Never stop learning!

Kudos to you!!

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