Never underestimate the healing power of old photos

by Frida

We are told that singing songs from the old days brings  back memories  to the demented.

As my mother slowly withdrew into her own word, I created a collection of music to help her remember the past.

 But it was useless. She never knew how to turn the radio or stereo on.

Each time I visited her, I saw her sitting there  surrounded with huge piles of old photo albums, old love letters and postcards from family and friends. The table,and both couches covered.

When she left the house she carried photos with her in plastic bags.

I was a disappointed with her. She never listened to all the CD's I had bought her.

So little did i understand. 

I never understood that looking all the photos was her way to stay connected to the past, to her family, friends and her sanity. This was her method to fight against dementia.

Her dementia started when she was 75. Today she is 93. She no longer remember me, but she remembers the persons on the old photos. And she reads the love letters my father sent her 73 years ago. 

What am trying to tell you?
Never underestimate the healing powers in old photos. 

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