New At This

by Remarkable.... Toronto

Hi everyone

I've been in great health all my life.
Retired at 55...I look 40..😉 I'm 58 now. feels weird some mornings with nothing to do.

I have the gym downstairs but I find myself avoiding it. I'm from NY and I'm used to walking and taking the train everywhere. No need now.

I've moved to Canada, bought a new car. But no real rush to go anywhere. My new wife kindly tries to keep me active. I do experience bouts of anxiety but not depression. Not really boredom just in a new country trying to figure things out. I'm painting and drawing some great art trying to get some recognition. But it's not the same as having a busy nine to five.

I see myself thanking God for understanding how much I appreciate life at this point in life. Some friends are still working or never lived to see this great fete..😉

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Takes Time
by: Lisa/Canada

Moving is stressful and takes time to adjust especially moving to a new country. Give yourself time and take little outings "baby steps" to check out your new surroundings. Once you get a bit more comfortable with your new surroundings you'll have less anxiety. If you can find a nice park or check out nature this will help too. Enjoy and give yourself time!

Be Kind
by: Bonita Oglesby

Good Morning,

Please be kind to yourself. This takes and try to enjoy the ride. While driving, I remind myself that I am not in a hurry. I watch others rushing, and understand they are in a hurry, not me. I decide when and where I WANT to go.

Remember be kind to YOU!

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