New horizons

by Drala
(colombo, Sri Lanka)

I was sort of forced into retirement sooner than expected at the age of 51. Thought I felt I had more years to offer but circumstances dictated otherwise. It was a cushy work life with flexible hours and a relaxed atmosphere. Yet, staying at home from morn till dusk is driving me nuts.

My day passes by, chatting with my friends, playing games on the computer and painting, a hobby I have resurrected after being dead since my schooldays.

Lack of human contact is the main loss I feel. I joined this community so that I can communicate with those similar to my state. and to learn from their transition tips.

Life is not that bad really. Yet, how can I get rid of this "sunken, unsatisfied" feeling ? Any tips are most welcome.

Looking for some online work as well, specially in the field of report writing and analytical skills as I am a six sigma black belt holder. Anyone out there who can suggest something for me?

Will be writing again soon to share my future events and hopefully they will be in a brighter note.

Take care and God's blessings.

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