New Job!

by Barbara
(Retirement Community)

Today I was hired as a "companion" for a well-to-do couple who needs someone to be a "friend" to her 93 year old mother. Believe it or not, the mother/mother-in-law is fit and sharp as a tack. I was amazed!

Should be a good gig...4 hours a day 2x/week and 2 hours a eve 3X/week.

I have freedom to do whatever I need to do and can take the lady (Millie) along...or we just hang out. Not bad eh? They have a shih-Tzu who was super friendly and it will be fun to play with him and walk him.

Upon leaving the couple said to me "Welcome to the Family". This will give me purpose, extra $$ and help someone who needs it. WIN/WIN/WIN!

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by: Anonymous

Today Millie & I walked for 45 minutes in 90+ degrees + 95% humidity. It was brutal - but she is in such fantastic shape - I can't believe it.

When we got home she rested an hour then wanted to go shopping. We went for an hour and then stopped at MacDonald's so she could get an ice cream milkshake.

I am truly amazed how healthy she is. Her biggest problems are inability to sleep thru the night and long days with no friends or activities to enjoy.

Her story is one of courage and love and I want her to be happy and remain mentally and physically fit.

If anyone here is over 90 years old I encourage you to contact me. I would appreciate suggestions how to entertain her. She worked her whole life and never had time for hobbies. All of her siblings and friends are deceased.

She is terribly lonely and I hope someone will come along to keep her company and take her out when I can't.

Dream Job
by: Nancy

Score! The clincher for me would be the dog. Sounds like you are going to have lots of fun and make money at the same time! Yea! Congratulations!

New job
by: Anonymous

And how od are you?
I retired in 2013 and I am working for the same government organizationI I retired from, for the second time. I work in a different office and I love what I am doing and the money.

by: Wendy

Barbara, I am thrilled for you. Millie is one lucky gal too...

I am with my parents, age 89 and 90, almost daily. We do lunch, shop, etc and just enjoy each other... lots of laughs.

Millie will have a whole new outlook on life, at 93! She can talk about her life with someone who doesn't know her, teaching you little tidbits along the way.

The couple will get a much needed break when you are there.

You will enjoy some new company, taking short outings and yes, have a purpose again... but I bet you gain much much more.

So happy for you! Enjoy every moment...

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