New retiree seeking ideas

by sassy

I recently retired I am in the process of reinventing myself. I still miss the workplace, people, structured schedule. I am told this feeling will come and go for a while, Any ideas from someone who is not a newby retiree!!

Wendy: Sassy, you told us little about you - how can we give you ideas? Consider community groups, hobbies you enjoyed long ago, finding old friends and making a few lunch dates...

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Learning more everyday!!
by: sassy


Thank you for your comments. I feel very much
the way you did. I felt guilty, restless in the beginning. It has been 3 months since I retired and I dont feel guilty I am not working anymore.

I enjoy walking and meet people there. I enjoy cooking, so I am staying fairly busy baking.

It is taking some time to slow down and give myself permission to relax,restlessnes comes and goes.

I worked in a very fast paced healthcare envoirment.

I am thankful for this retirement website. I have learned many things in my career, however, was not taught how to retire!!

It Takes Awhile
by: Patti

Hi Sassy, it took me six months to make the transition from working to retirement.

I worked from home, long hours and many Saturdays. The first few months after I retired I felt guilty and anxious about being home and not working.

It took a long time for my brain to catch up to reality....that my office and living room belong now just to me and not my job. It was extremely difficult for me.

I missed working; I missed the routine and the schedule; I missed having my days automatically filled and predictable. Six months later I am starting to feel "normal" and instead of waking up dreading the hours, I just wake up and start doing things.

Some people transition easily, and these are usually the people who already have hobbies and connections with people and activities outside of their workplace.

I really didn't have much of that, so I too am in the process of reinventing myself. I took a class at the community college; I go to water exercise class twice a week; I call people and ask them to meet me for lunch or dinner; I have traveled a little bit.

It's all hard, but give yourself time. It doesn't change overnight.

Retirement ideas
by: Nancy

Boy, can relate. I did miss the structure, seeing people. It was very hard for me for a long time and like you said, it came and went for a very long time.

I've been retired almost 2 years and am just now finding how wonderful retirement can be.

Wendy said something that made a lot of sense and which I've heard from several people. Find something that is fun and do it. One person said remember what you did at age 10 and recreate a hobby.

Retirement adjustment seemed to be a lot harder for me than a lot of people I have met and talked to, so yours probably won't be so difficult.

I was lucky that I found a hobby that I'm passionate about which is quilting. I've also rediscovered reading. I used to read voraciously when I was a kid.

I've also had to learn it is okay to have fun!

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