New Things: Rheumatoid arthritis

by Bonita Oglesby
(Huntsville Alabama )

Hi, my name is Bonita and I was diagnosed with RA, hurting pretty bad daily.

Working part time a a local grocery chain. I began to lose mobility in my hands and my feet and legs hurt all the time. I had been going to the gym when I first moved to Huntsville, and due to a hectic work schedule I soon stopped going altogether. I made a deal with myself, when I stop working, the first thing I am going to do is go back to the gym. Well I did just that.

My youngest sister hurt her leg and the doctor told her that the pool would be a good way to still exercise. So to the pool we went.

I am in Huntsville and she is in Maryland. Together each day, we go to the gym. At first I could only do two laps, with MUCH difficulty.

One of the members was going to do an indoor ironman triathlon. As I began to encourage her, I said to her, we can do this. It was an indoor event and we had 33 days to complete it. So I quickly paid my fees and began to have buyers remorse. The commitment was made.

My sister saw my determination and we mapped out a plan. We finished two weeks early. Now my little sister told me to not talk to anymore strangers, because that is how we got into this mess.

Later she gave me another assignment, to see what was the next event. You have probably guessed it, a member said, hey Bonita, you should think about the indoor triathlon in Jan. The hitch is, you have to complete it in one day.

Well I told my little sister and now we are trying to see how we will finish this new goal.

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A new look at life
by: Nina from London


How encouraging to read your story. It amazes me that instead of languishing you took the plunge and overcame the problem! Well done!

Also, struggling with my feet. There is a pool 10 minutes from my house. Well, it looks like I need to get there and swim...forget my troubles and enjoy splashing around.

Thank you for sharing your story!

Best Wishes, Nina

exercise goals
by: Anonymous

You are amazing!
Keep going.

Thank You!
by: Wendy,

Amazing... going from RA pain to exercising like a crazy woman. I love it!

Anyone with a little determination can do this!

Anyone with a little drive and motivation can find something that really floats their boat -- and just do it!


Kudos to you, Bonita!

p.s. I'm at a Retirement Coaches conference and we learned that exercise is the best defense against dementia. Go Exercise!

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