New to the 'Retirement Club'

by RC-Bisbee, AZ

After working 37 years in a high-stress Public Health position + being a single parent for most of those years, I retired 3 weeks ago at the age of 62. The stress was affecting my health and I was burned out.

I am sleeping 10+ hours/day. I try to go to bed between 10-11 pm but automatically wake at 6:30am just to realize I don't have to get up and go to work, Often I'll fall back asleep and awake at 9-9:30 ready to start my day. I feel like a huge weight is off my shoulders. My blood pressure is the lowest it has been in several years and I have already begun losing weight as I am not eating as much.

I set a goal to accomplish at least 2-3 tasks each day and if I get the energy to do more then, I do so. My doctor said that needing to sleep alot and not wanting to do much of anything is normal after being in 'high gear' all these years; that I need to listen to my body and take little steps to take better care of myself; don't feel guilty - and most importantly- don't plan on getting involved in any major activity for at least a year.

I still feel as if I am on vacation and most likely won't realize that I am actually retired for quite some time. My new 'job' is to achieve good health and do things that make me content/peaceful.

Little things- like watching a bunch of bees colonize flowers in my garden for 10 minutes, sitting on my front porch savoring a good cup of coffee reading the newspaper, being able to sit and contemplate life quietly. I figure after all the years of hard/stressful work, I deserve it!

Best Wishes to each of you!

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by: Sandi

I just wanted to say how grateful I am that I found Wendy’s wonderful help group! It has been a life saver!

Read all the posts every week and it let’s me know I’m not alone or different. Gives me hope and inspires me!

Thank you Wendy and all of you retirees out there 💕

by: Anonymous

Thank you, thank you. A content retiree at last. A lovely commentary on a retirement well lived. I hope that those mysteriously unhappy retirees, who submit anguished accounts of their not having to go to work, learn to lighten up and savor retired life.

Look, folks, we get one shot at the retirement gig, so relax and lose the stress.

As for me, I changed my daily routine and now end my day around 4 AM. I start my new day around 1 PM. I have always been a night owl and retirement has allowed me to indulge my nocturnal lifestyle. It was out of the question while I had to be in my office by 8 AM.

Free at last, thank God almighty, I'm free at last.

Wendy: added emphasis above!

Take time
by: Donna, Augusta, Mo

Wow, we all just go through a lot of the same feelings. I too retired at 62 after a 37 year stressful RN career. The first 6 months were awful.

I needed to be on a routine. What was my purpose?

Now, it's 4 years later. I am truly enjoying retirement. I remind myself of my freedom. I choose when to shop, when to garden, when to play.

My life is mine I don't have to change my plans for my job. We have learned this time. Now, enjoy. You deserve it

You nailed it
by: Nancy

I wish I had read your post when I first retired 7 and a half years ago. It makes sense to have a couple of things to accomplish during the day and not take on big tasks at first. Also the sleeping.

When I first retired, I joined an Al-Anon meeting and took on a leadership position right off the bat, and I also got a sponsor and started working the steps. 9 months later I got really burnt out on Al-Anon and dropped it all.

I also kept myself busy applying for jobs, as I sorely regretted leaving my job. I had such a hard time that first year. I ended up getting an after school job at a day care that was supposed to be a teaching/counseling job, but found out my first day that I was going to have to clean toilets!

It was helpful for me to read your post and remember I'm not in the rat race anymore and I can take it easy.

by: Keith/Rochester UK

Relax and enjoy, it takes a good while for it to fall in to place

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