Newly retired (2 months)

by Janet
(Ontario, Canada)

Recently retired and have never blogged in my life. Have worked shifts, weekends, holidays etc as a nurse for over thirty years.

The summer has been busy but I feel it coming to an end. I feel an uneasy feeling coming over me like something is amisss.

I am missing the freedom of extra money so I can do the things I would like to do. ie travel, shop, golf, eat out and also help my family as they need it. My body was hurting so bad working long hours, so I am relieved to be away from it for that reason. I miss the people I worked with.

I am sure this retirement thing is a process. I hope I dont become difficult to live with.

Any tips on filling the void I am starting to feel?

Wendy: This is normal - you are just past your "vacation" phase of retirement and realizing this is it. Retirement.

You DO need to get out -- find a few womens groups or clubs to join (library book club, bowling, church groups) - anything to get socializing and out of the house. ESPecially in the winter, the dark days can really get to you emotionally... so be prepared with a new hobby, something you enjoy doing, new friends, lunch dates with old friends. Just think now, while summer is still here -- and help yourself with a list of what do to all winter... it is a challenge!

Best Wishes!

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Another RN retired
by: Donna Augusta Mo

Hi! Janet, I too retired after a 38 year hospital RN career. I know how you feel. I retired in September 2015 and have had some difficulty with the transition.

I miss not being a nurse however, I don't miss the stress I was on a Tele unit on night shift trying to transition myself after a 34 year position as a Day RN on ICU and a Supervisor for 10 years.

I tried to shadow a neighbor who volunteers every week at a Nursing home but I found I became a nurse and was upset when patients needed to be tended and, as usual poor staffing, I stepped in and took them to the bathroom.

I read, garden, go to lunch with friends I haved cleaned my house and repainted several rooms. I would love to hear how you are doing. This is a process...

Nurse to Nurse
by: sassy

Janet -

First all, congratulations on your retirement from
nursing!! You have helped many people in your career!!

I am a retired nurse of 3 months and miss the work enviroment, not the stress, but the socialization. I understand how you feel, however, we can find a new purpose in our ne life.

I suggest you join a local group. I myself was very busy working as a nurse in a fast paced enviroment. While working, I did not have the need to belong to an outside group. I am slowly and transition is a slow process, finding things to do.

The thing I enjoy is walking at a local
walking trail. Try new things, you have the time
now to do it.

Your transition feelings are normal.

by: Goldie

Hi Janet,
Welcome! It takes time to adjust to something new. If money is what you something part time. There are lots of ideas here and folks who have experienced the retirement transition.

I invite you to join the online community by clicking on the "Friendship Here" box on the right side of this screen.

by: Sharyn~~~CANADA

U don't want to become difficult to live with? Well, be thankful u have someone to live with!
Because whom ever that is ~ this person will turn out to be your best friend, loyal & true.

The paragraph u wrote earlier, was my life in a nut shell. Friends at work, always busy working or something else~~ that will be no more unless u make the effort to have that happen~ This 1 that 1 the other 1, whoever, will be working a different shift, day, weekend, very hard for all of your work buddies to get together at the same time.

As Wendy suggested, u must make new friends & stay positive, find some volunteer work to do & be careful u don't make more money than u r allowed (GIS) if u take a pay check kinda job.

My body is also broken down from the many years of struggling with long term care patients~ As wonderful as my career was, l now wish l had gone into physio- therapy in the rehabilitation dept. or mental health.

Just take baby steps Janet, and u will be fine, however that does not happen over night~~~

Good luck to u ~~ Regards, another nurse**

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