Newly Retired... Depressed to SBI!

I asked John if I could post this email. We talked about SBI over and over by email and he finally decided to try a site. That was maybe a month ago... today I asked a question and he agreed I can post this. Thanks!

Wendy: Hey -- out of curiosity... did a website make you feel "better"? Less depressed? More active or helpful, or part of society again? Just curious if you spent enough time thinking keywords that you didn't' think "I feel down and out".....

John: For me, the web site has helped me feel much better and given me something to occupy my mind and something to look forward to down the road in anticipation things will hopefully be a success. It's given me a sense of purpose which is something that was lacking in my life after retirement. Not having a purpose or something to occupy my mind really played mind games and I was very depressed.

Thinking about KWs...well...I wonder from time to time on whether I did enough. But, one can only beat a horse so much before he kills it. If what I use doesn't work, I can always go back an use others. It's not like being cast in concrete once you do something. What I do today can be fixed tomorrow.

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