Newly Retired, exhilarated but no focus

by Marcia, FL

Recently retired from a health professional position after 28 years, most good but some not so good which is why I retired at age of 68.

While I am exhilarated to be out the daily grind, there are so many options that it gives me brain fog to think about this next chapter. I definitely don't plan to work full time again I would like to generate a little pin money just for my retail therapy moments.

My first love is animals particularly cats and I cannot stand to see any animals mistreated, hungry, or without love. Yeah that doesn't get me bus fare right? I am considering volunteering with a shelter or starting my own pet sitting business. My husband who is also retired is encouraging me to use my health care knowledge perhaps online or writing as he does.

I guess we are different from the past generation because we do have so many choices as long as our health holds out. I have a list a mile long to do around home which I love nothing better than being at home.

Anybody else feel like I do? what did you do or are you doing to make the most of retirement. I don't have grandchildren as this usually a big one, I do have a lot of pets. I am not really a people person would love to do something from home.

Suggestions, ideas welcome.

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Love what you do!
by: Sherry/Wilmington, NC

Don't be afraid to try what you are thinking?!!!!! You will never fail if you try!!!

Your fears will keep you from trying. Go ahead and try!!! I love learning something new!!!

Focus on your love for cats
by: Larry/South Carolina

Hi Marcia,

Welcome to the world of retirement! I firmly believe people should do something they love, especially in their retirement years. Some people cannot point to that like you have already declared.

You love cats, and I'm sure you know their behavior. If you research the challenges cat owners face when they need help with care for their cat, I'm confident you will discover various services to offer.

Cat sitting is an obvious choice but as you explore this it may lead you to offer taking cats to their vet checkup or to a grooming salon or maybe offering unique products for cats. Who knows until you jump in and start discovering things.

Could you combine your health care knowledge and cat care in some way to offer information online or in some form of writing - from the comfort of your home?

You could do your own version of a cat calendar by taking fun photos and turn that into a product. Once you get your creative juices flowing, I believe you will have all kinds of exciting ideas for cat lovers.

Best of luck and keep us posted.

New to retirement
by: Donna Augusta, Mo

Hi! Marcia,

I was just like you when I retired. I worked as a bedside RN 38 years. I too love animals and my plan was to volunteer at a shelter but, then they wanted a commitment to hours and days and almost 2 years later I haven't commuted to volunteering.

I am busy most days gardening and puttering around the house especially in the nice weather. In the winter I caught up on my reading and indoor projects. I of myself I was going to reconnect with the people I wanted to and have done that.

I feel very blessed to be retired. I lost my rescue lab in November due to cancer and am currently searching for a new dog. I have 2 cats and they were totally friends with Sadie my lab.

Time has a way of moving faster in retirement sometimes I wonder how I did everything while I was working full-time. Keep in touch. Good luck

Marcia - Pet Sitting is the way to go!
by: Bernard Kelly, Australia

Hello Marcia,

From your comments Marcia, your idea to establish a pet sitting business has powerful legs!

Couples are always going on holidays, and need you to take care of their pets. Marketing should be simple - would you leave flyers in say 20 of your local vets?

We all need additional income in retirement, as well as mental and physical stimulation, and from my experience with small biz startups, using your prior career as a launching pad is best option for a retirement startup.

And there are lots of products that you can sell - whatever you see in any vet's practice.

Let me know how you go - and feel free to add a comment onto my FaceBook page: Retirement Startups

cheers ... Bernard

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