Newly retired, hits and misses

by Lipintm
(Muskego, WI)

I was lucky to be able to retire with almost 40 years of work and only 55 y/o. The problem is that when I finally retired, my husband's job relocated to an area of the State I don't know anyone. So it started rough.

I made the mistake of getting a job in the field I was used to and after 3 weeks quit. I learned the lesson of not doing more of what I had to do all those years and go to what I WANT to do.

So for now I am looking at part time temporary positions. I am also looking for mundane work so I don't have to stress about work any longer. I want to belong in an office environment again.

That said I joined a health club and met some people but am not a joiner of classes. I like working out in the pool but some days I meet people and sometimes I don't. It's still pretty lonely.

I do like retirement but wish I could've retired and stayed in my hometown. I love the summers off. I can't wait for my husband to retire so we can start travelling and seeing the USA. That won't be for years yet though.

The winters are so hard on me. I have SAD and we are going on 17 days without sun in the North. Hate it!

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Easy does it
by: Your Name/Location

Being a young retiree is a challenge. I have a friend whose husband retired from his first job after 20 years of service, went on to another job for another 20 years and retired. Then went on to another job of which he finally retired at 61 years old.

I think if you give yourself time and keep open to other possibilities, you will find what makes your life more enjoyable. Have you consider solo traveling until your husband can join you in his retirement?

You sound well grounded....
by: Wendy

Seriously, compared to many on my site, you sound like you are well grounded, well balanced, in your retirement perspectives.

Yes, not perfect yet but it does take time to find yourself in his huge life transition... so give yourself a break.

On winter SAD, don't let yourself slip down that slippery sad slope into a depression -- get yourself some Light Therapy, from Amazon. Easy Peasy. Don't put it off, grab one so it's at your doorstep in a day or two! Use it every year in the winter, until you can travel to sunny places... and I bet your blues will just melt away.

Kudos to you!

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