Newly retired school counselor

by Deb

I retired in January from being a school counselor. After 32 years in the education system I couldn’t wait to get out, not getting up before dawn was a daily fantasy.

I loved my students and the security of my position. I felt needed and important. I had my own life.

I retired as soon as I could so I could (55) to be free to just awaken, have my coffee, relax, exercise (not doing that yet) and enjoy my days however I choose.

Being the only counselor in the building I had a real sense of identity and did very well in that position, constantly talking with and problem solving with students, parents, staff, administration.

My husband, although not retired, has been home much more working much less since virus. We love being together but for me Now that I’ve left it’s a double edge sword.

I love getting up without the alarm and having morning coffee together. I love taking walks with my son at 10AM. I enjoy designing and working on our two year newly bought first home and that’s it.

I’ve been crying, sad, lonely and lost otherwise.

I don’t want suggestions of classes or a new job. it took a lifetime to build that career I don’t have another passion. I'm discovering I do need my own purpose, I miss the respect and consultation AND laughter with my colleagues SOS

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re: Newly retired school counselor
by: Anonymous

Hi Deb!

I am also a newly retired school counselor. I also loved my job so I can relate. My plan is to wait until the Covid Crisis has improved and apply to be a substitute school counselor.

If that doesn't pan out I will research similar part time or volunteer positions. Planning for the future helps me with the challenges of this pandemic.

For now, I love to cook for myself, take long walks while listening to podcasts or an audiobook and get involved with creative projects.

My favorite way of looking at retirement is to consider it a journey and not a destination.

Good Luck!

Paying it forward
by: Jane Curtis/Texas

There are others in your 'past' line of work. Other counselors who are younger and do not have the advantage you have. You learned many things during your time in that position.

Find a group either on social media or on the Internet and start communicating with them. Pass along your wisdom. It won't take much time but it will help with the 'blues' that come over you because now your pats on the back have to come from self.

I have been there. I retired from teaching and then went back to school, got another degree, and went back to work. I retired again.

There is a depression that comes over every retiree at one time or another that you suddenly are not your job. You retired from work but not from life. You get lonesome and sometimes even lazy. Don't let it take hold of you. It is a whirlwind that will suck you in and it is hard to crawl out again.

Start a blog and counsel the counselors who are still there. Be their sounding board when they have something come up.

In this time, many things come up where the teachers and everyone will need counselling. Share your wisdom. On Facebook they have several grandmother groups, grandparent groups, and other websites that are group specific. I know you can find exactly what you need. You will find people on this site that can benefit from some good counselling.

I wish you only the best. Share... it works. It lightens the load of all that wisdom.

Been there
by: Anon teacher

I was where you are 6 years ago. I knew I would miss being at school every day, but I also knew I couldn’t take the stress of the daily grind anymore. I decided to look for an opportunity to still be at school but that wasn’t stressful.

I found various tutoring jobs and worked about 3 hours a day until I found a school that I loved. At the 5 year mark, I finally found I was ready to be fully retired. I just had to ease into it and wean myself off going to school every day.

I hope this helps.

Missing work
by: Sherry

Your mind controls you.

I retired in 2016 and was fine. I got 2 volunteer jobs and went to exercise classes 4x weekly. I made new friends too. I lost all of this because of the Covid-19 and was terribly lonely. I live alone and had no pets.

I got a part-time job in a doctor office and enjoy having others around and someone to talk too.

You will find your way.

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