Newly Retired

by Charles

I’m retiring at age 61, was wanting to go to 62, but had to take a health insurance option that will not be available if I stay until 62.

I am very nervous and can’t sleep at night worrying about money and all of this free time I will have on my hands!

Thought I couldn’t wait to retire, but now that it is staring me in the face I’m terrified!

Is this normal?

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It's a good transition
by: Sandy

Certainly, it can be unnerving to retire, and you will have some ups and downs, but overall, you get to enjoy life - smell the roses, take long walks, find unique interests. And who knows, you may find a part-time job that brings in a bit of income for fun. But overall, do what you want.

Don't let the worries of money ruin your retirement. You can always adjust downward if you need to, finding those senior discounts and free things to do to enjoy life on a budget.

Have fun.

volunteer work
by: Anonymous

both my husband and I were teachers and found great satisfaction in doing volunteer work that helped the elderly.

Nervous is Normal
by: Canadian Retiree

Yes, being nervous about retirement is normal. I was terrified. I retired a year sooner than planned due to my health.

It's been about a year now and though it was rough at first, I'm getting used to "my new normal".

For a long time, even now at times, I think I want to get a job and get back to my old routine but then I think "do I really want to?"

I hated the stress, I hated the commute. I'm used to living a quiet, unhurried life now. I sort of paint a rosy picture in my mind of what my work life was like, I forget all the days I wished I could retire.

Isn't life ironic when you think about it?

Good luck and welcome to retirement!

Retirement University.
by: Anonymous

Keep in mind you don't retire from something you retire to something. Retirement is the time to do now what you couldn't do then. Become a perpetual freshman at Retirement University like I did. The curriculum is wide open, no term papers, no burning the midnight oil, schedules and deadlines or GPA worries. Be ready to do new things and at worse you can decide whether you like or not. It's your call.🤗

Be content.
by: Brad in Kansas

The mindset of retirement is constantly changing and evolving, before and after the fact.

You do not have to make plans for your retirement years. All you need to do is accept your newfound freedom and make decisions on how you will spend your time based on the daily weather, social contacts, abilities, and ever changing interests.

Remind yourself, too, that you no longer have to be productive unless you want to. You’ve worked a long time to get to this point. Y

ou deserve it, so don’t put it down with doubt and worry.

by: Wendy, retirement enthusiast

You made a decision -- and you are now stepping into the unknown -- but it's a good unknown!


Give yourself a bit of time to reflect on life, rest and think about where you are headed.

There is no reason to panic. You are still the same person -- just more free time.

It's a wonderful thing --- you suddenly report to nobody -- you can do what you like when you like -- you are your own boss!

Relax. Give your brain time to sort life out again -- just as it did when you first went to college, started your first job, got married, had your first child -- it's all new again!

Best Wishes!

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