No Medicare, No Medicaid, Now what?

by Tricia Smith
(Dallas, Tx)

I am 62 and retired in 2007 due to disabilities. It took me 2 years to qualify for Medicare. When I got it, I could not afford the premiums. Medicaid paid the premiums for me for two years.

Then with the new Health Care Law they stopped. I had to drop out of Medicare. Now, Medicaid does not take single adults.

When I talked to Medicare they told me once you are out they make sure you cannot get back in by raising the premiums so high you cannot afford them.

I am left without any insurance and no way to get any insurance because of this new Health Care Law. i am breaking the law because of all the mandatory requirements. I do not dare call a doctor if I get sick.

Any suggestions? My disability benefits are my only income.

Wendy I do know that once you cancel, the premium increases the longer you wait to get back on, get over your fear, and get to the Social Security office to see what you might do! Don't wait...

Read page 9 of this publication for Low Income.. get answers directly from the source.

Best Wishes!!

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In the Same Boat
by: Jane Curtis

I'm in exactly the same boat. I did go to the healthcare website and signed up for low income coverage, however... I will never be able to use it because it has a $5,000 deductible.

This means I have to spend $5,000 before they kick in to help. $5,000 is half my annual income.

I live alone. I have no family. I cannot call a doctor or 911 for any medical help, I could not afford it. How many people are going to die because of this new "Healthcare" law? I'm much worse off than I was.

At least Medicaid was willing to cover my medicare. Now I have the equals NOTHING!

by: Sharyn~~~CANADA

Tricia* Take a breath & count to 10~~

Unfortunately u don't live in CANADA ~ USA should take lessons from us~ We r just over the border ~~

It is hard to believe in this day & age that a country ( USA ) can't take care of their own?

Especially the most in need~ You need to contact social services & or any of the many services that CAN help u. THEY r there for u, u have to dig deep to find them!!

Good luck to u & many in your situation in the US of A ~~

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