No More Driving

by Susan
(Peoria, IL)

I can no longer drive. Being a very independent person that is one awful thing.

My husband, same age as me 76, is in perfect health. He takes me to my oncology, physical therapy, lab test, etc, etc.

I am hesitant to ask him to take me unnecessarily. Family are busy a lot, friends seldom.

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Driving at Work
by: Richard

I promised myself I'd retire before my driving skills at work deteriorated, making me a safety hazard to myself and others.

I'd been working 4 days weekly/10 hours daily for over 10 years. Work hours were 730am-6pm. I loved that schedule, having 3-day weekends, 52 weeks a year!

During winter months, the sun goes down earlier. I'd get back to the office in darkness. Driving at night has become hazardous, especially if I had to work late. Driving home even more dangerous.

So I went back to 5 days week/8 hours daily. i finish work long before the sunsets. I'm no longer a danger on the road.

My wife drives us around at night, so we're safe.

On another note, the day will come, when I can no longer work the clutch on my classic car. Then I guess I'll have an automatic transmission installed in my old Chevy.....before I give up driving.

No More Driving
by: Sherry/Wilmington, NC

My uncle drives my aunt all of the time even though she can drive. He loves to drive her and it makes him feel needed. Women love attention and men love to feel needed!

No More Driving
by: Ken San Diego

I have been driving all my life, and with one accident over 40 years? not too bad....I just recently bought a new car right around my retirement then thought? WHY? I no longer need to drive to work etc.

Then I discovered just click your iPhone, and voila, they are at your feet.. very reasonable... and for all my trips? very reliable...

I am thinking of just selling my 2016 car and spend that money on someone important..... "ME" so don't fret about not being able to drive.

UBER / LYFT is the transportation of the future.

(p.s. I am not affiliated with either transportation company)

by: Texas

I was born and raised in Peoria. I think there are enough interesting things to do there that you could include a second stop at a place he might enjoy when you want him to take you some place. He's your husband. He might enjoy the excursions you share. It could be happy time together. If you are worried about imposing on him, find a way to make the trip fun for him too.

Husband as Chauffeur
by: Wendy,


I am curious why you are hesitant to ask your husband to drive you around?

You know him, and I obviously don't... but he might love taking you around. My stepdad loved driving mom for 20 years post-retirement... he'd wait in the car, sometimes in the stores where they had chairs, and knew she was happy puttering about.

He is retired, like you, right? Unless he is busy... he might love the diversion of making you happy by driving you around.

I don't think you'd abuse his kindness, so just ask. The worse that happens is he says "Yeah, but No Thanks" and then you remain as is -- but IF he says no problem, well... life opens back up for you, right?

At this stage in life, take chances! Go for it, girl!

p.s. My stepdad stopped driving a year ago, due to his eyesight. That was a big blow to both of them. However, My sister and I have stepped up and they go out daily, so all is well!

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