No More Laughs

by Lauretta - Monterey

We've been married 35 years and owned a couple businesses together.

I always thought I was the "lazy" one as after a long day's work I liked nothing better than to stretch out on the couch, watch the news then start dinner together with my husband. We'd play cards, watch movies, go to bed and start all over again, but always with lots of laughs.

We've been retired 5 months and there are no more laughs. He sleeps most of the day, is very quiet, makes dinner alone as I "just get in the way", we eat very late as he likes to drink several beers before eating. We've both put on alot of weight. I miss my old husband so much.

I know he's depressed but he won't go to a doctor. I've talked him into going to the County Fair tonight but that's only because I've some things entered. Maybe this outing will remind him how good it is to get out... thanks for listening.

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