No Snowbird Wings Yet :)

by Russell
(New Brunswick)

I am single from New Brunswick Canada and I am 58 years old. Spent my working life as a teacher and mentor for troubled youth (Boys & Girls Club). My greatest reward was helping many youth find success. My trouble is I was mainly
working for a "low wage", but with no regrets as it's my passion.

I would like to retire at 60, but need to make wise decisions. I guess I need a mentor(S), myself to help me make those decisions about retirement in Florida between January and March.

Lots of $$$$ would make it easy, but that is not the case, so I need solid help in finding inexpensive safe housing and good location. (Mobile/RV$????) Love to exercise, feel the sun and use nature as a therapy :

Any help greatly appreciated I am really excited about my future, who knows I may meet you some day :) Snow Storm Tomorrow..

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living in florida
by: Linda Lively

I recommend the Gulf Coast for snow birders or seniors moving to Florida. I love it here in Bradenton, about 45 mins. south of Tampa and just outside of Sarasota on the north.

I lived many years ago in Venice area but found too many insects, large spiders, etc. a problem for me. The breezes off the Gulf are fabulous and the smell of oranges from the Tropicana plant are heavenly.

I-75 is very close to my house and easy to get on for travel, and I am about 20 mins to wonderful beaches with great, free parking such as Coquina and Holmes beach.

Some mobile home parks can be expensive for monthly rentals as much as $500/month lot rent but have many activities for seniors. Born and raised in Michigan I love fall and miss the cool weather and colors, but you can't beat 75 degrees and gulf breezes in winter, it really picks your spirits up.

The economy being what it is has opened up many homes for monthly rents at reasonable prices, even some motels offer weekly or perhaps even monthly rentals just to give a person a chance to park some where while checking the areas out.

Wendy: First, I never knew you were from Michigan, Linda! I am still here..,

Second, interesting that bugs are more common in some parts of Florida. I never knew that! That is one of my problem with Florida,.. Bugs.

Thanks for posting!!

my wings are getting stronger
by: heather

hi, i am a retired teacher this year in June. I am alone too. But I am determined that I want to go to Florida for the winter.

I have been looking at some nice homes at an address where they rent to us.

Let me know how it is going for you. Maybe we could talk about some plans. Sincerely, heather

Living in Florida
by: Dennis (Miami)


Pick the area you would feel most at home in; Florida has the Atlantic coast and the Gulf Coast as well as the Fla. Keys...lots of lakes around the state...ranch land, farming communities, northern part of the state is much like the South while Miami is more tropical and like a foreign onclave with folks from South and Central America as well as the Caribbean Islands...not all can or will speak English.

Having driven around most of the state, I would suggest get in your car/van and just travel about for a month....lots of trailer parks and RV sites where one can live well for 3 months and out of the cold weather.

good luck, write if you like....I would be happy to share ideas and make suggestions if you like.

gymbozden49 at

No Snowbird Wings Yet
by: Former Maritimer

Russell, what you can do now is explore Florida as to housing, round trip airfare,etc. Try to get a ball park $ figure on a 3 month stay. One source is internet.

Track your disposal (actual $ after taxes), income from all sources now and when u retire.Check ur sources now to see what ur retirement income after taxes will be. Consider tracking ur net income at the present time ie car expenses, groceries, utilities,heat ,etc. if u have not done this already.

If u are contemplating housing in an RV Park suggest u do business with the administrative office of the Park as opposed to an individual owner. See what the Park has to offer in activities. Rent a newer mobile as opposed to old. How far from grocery store,etc.

Get photos, receipt for advanced payment. Check on
cost of medical insurance when travelling to the U.S.

Not intending to be a wet blanket but money matters are extremely important. So is organizing.
Good luck on your future endeavours.

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