No time to waste being mad

by anonymous please

No Time To Be Mad...

No Time To Be Mad...

I wake up mad and in a post traumatic state, protecting myself. Childhood and marriage trauma, both.

I am going to make an affirmation and say it, "NO TIME TO BE MAD, TIME IS SLIPPING AWAY!!" I am pretty sure this will pop me out of my upset state of mind. Definitely gratitude does not suffice. I need something with more pop, and I think this will do it.

My morning is full enough. Then the afternoon is nicely leisurely. I run into problems with dinner, never knowing if the other household member will show up or not.

SO, in the morning, I will just plan my dinner, which I hope will have a delicious SOUP, and a green drink. I will keep it simple. I will plan the time, and that is it for me. I will follow through.

These two changes would make a WORLD of difference for me.

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