No TV During the Day

by Leaking Ink/MA

I live in a 55+ adult community and love it, but I am active both in and out of the community I live in.

Before I retired, a retiree that I knew suggested that when I retired to create routines for myself for a portion of my day, and to also make it a commitment to never turn on the tv during the day.

It is the best retirement advice I ever received and has served me well over these 2 years and 9 months since I retired. I believe it is the secret to the wonderful retirement that my husband and I are enjoying. If I happen to be home during the day, I listen to music (various genres). "No tv during the day" has the benefit of forcing you to meet people and get involved in various activities. I enjoy watching tv shows and movies after dinner and kitchen clean-up.

Sometimes, I read a book or go on my iPad while watching tv; other times, I just strictly watch tv; and still other times, I don’t watch tv at all in the evening, but do other activities instead.

I know retired people who keep their tv on all day and evening every single day. It is so sad to me because they don’t have an active life, then they get bored, and some get depressed, and just can’t get out of the hole that they’ve dug for themselves. "TV during the day" is such a bad habit to get into.

They could actually be enjoying their retirement if they could just get beyond that one habit.

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May 23, No TV During the Day
by: GS, NY

What came first, the chicken or the egg?

Do people put on the tv because they are now retired, don’t have activities and need some background noise and then get depressed?

Or are they depressed from now being retired, external circumstances etc., and don’t want to do anything so they stay home and watch tv.

So many in my psych group were depressed due to being home locked because of no motivation to do anything. I think Linking Ink was trying to express that depression is not caused by tv but by the way you conduct your life.

No TV during the day
by: Nancy

May be a good suggestion. However, depression is a serious disease which is not caused by watching TV during the day. To minimize people with depression is like criticizing people who have cancer.

One thing I like about retirement is doing what I want when I want to which includes binge watching Netflix if I want.

However, for me, I do like to have a routine, and unless I am sick, I like to to wait until evening to watch TV.

I totally agree!
by: Larry Steward / SC

No tv during the day is a great productivity booster. And the point about not watching CNN that I love also makes a lot of sense.

I get so worked up about the political circus going on it has become a big downer and a constant source of frustration.

I am so focused on making important changes in my life right now, I don't need such distractions that slow me down and destroy my mood.

by: Tim C / So Cal

My father retired in 1985 with no plan, and especially after my mom died in 2000, he spent all day watching TV and sleeping. Slowly, his social interactions contracted until he was practically a recluse. We used to make him come to our house a couple times a week for dinner but that was about it.

As for me, even when I was working, I always had some kind of background noise to help me concentrate. I usually had a radio (classical music) or Pandora/Spotify playing in my office. If it was silent, my mind wandered.

Now that I'm retired, I still need a distraction. When I'm cleaning the house, I play the radio (classical music again). When I'm doing work for my church, (I'm the Treasurer), I sometimes set up my computer at a desk so I can listen to TV. Yes, sometimes I take a break and watch, especially if there's a Cubs game on, but I just need the noise, I guess.

As long as I don't find myself sitting on the couch waiting for the next show, I think I'm ok.

My Thoughts
by: Wendy, retirement enthusiast

Totally Agree.

Now to get myself to follow this sage advice. GRIN!

My 90+ year old parents watch CNN all day long and are mad at the world. Did you hear what happened HERE? Stop watching! Please! It's really seriously not good for your mental health.

p.s. Just HAD to repost this as it's own page, instead of a comment on another, to assure more retirees see this brilliant and oh-so simple post.

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