North Orlando, Florida

by Bruce R.
(Orlando, FL)

I lived in Fl. (Orlando) for 15+ years. I got there as a job xfer from Denver. Left there as a job xfer to Atlanta.

We lived in N. Orlando (away from the snow birds of Disney). It was all the locals intentions to stay away from the attractions during the season because of the crowds. (The tourists from Europe were the worst because they came from the upper class and expected that they could get away with their behavior).

Staying in Florida is different in each place because it is soooo big.

  • The panhandle is red neck and some condo people.

  • The east cost is 'beach town'.

  • The west coast is retirement.

  • South Florida is expensive and diverse. The Keys are really different.

  • Central Florida is cheap retirement and 1-2 hour drive to the ocean for the day.

    People choose Florida for many reasons that I believe are not their own. That is, they have got caught up in the trend to retire to Florida and enjoy the good life. I believe that most of the people wh0o retire to Fl. go there because everyone else is doing it.

    Winter climate is great. Summer is hot and humid (no getting around it). Good (fresh) sea food. Cuban food is good too. Traffic is terrible all over. Early bird specials (dinner at 4:30 - 5:00 is a big thing. You do not have to golf. Fresh water fishing (bass) is everywhere. Cost of living is at or little above national average (except for high value areas (keys, miami, naples, etc.)

    A typical day for me might be:
    -- Sweep the drive way.

    -- Wait for the alcohol sales to come out.

    -- walk the beach.

    -- watch tv.

    -- entertain guests.

    -- shuffle board, golf, fish, sit by pool, look for shells

    Florida is a place to go and do nothing or do everything.

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