Not all I hoped for

by Larry

Retired after 44 yrs of periodontics and dental implants. Practice started to slow down so thought it was time. Loved my patients and my staff! Took good care of them . Like a family!

Thought I was financially secure but had some setback . We moved away from placed we lived for 20 yrs, made new friends but area too quiet. Moved back a nod renting for now!

Volunteering for Seniors vs crime day a week and doing lecture series with friend!

Always active physically but definitely having some depression over lack of structure and hobbies. Started other businesses in beauty products and legal medical and pet cannabis products with great team and potential but businesses out of state.

Great wife but she also needs space.

Nights not a problem as we have friends. Trying to get reexcited about life as I was always an up person and made friends but currently don't have regular group. Close to my kids but they are far away .

Definitely temporarily lost... even in beautiful but crowded Fla.

Hope your retirement is all u thought. Larry

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Retirement is better than working
by: Barra Boy

Well Larry what were you expecting, did you not plan anything for when you retired??

I have only been retired 18 months and my wife still goes to work each day so I am fairly new to retirement.

Yesterday I got a call from an ex colleague who is still working, after 15 minutes of listening to his moans and groans, it made me realise how glad I was for opting out when I did.

Do you enjoy travel, when was the last time you took a train somewhere, caught a bus, used your 'free bus pass'??

Chin up, life is too short, enjoy each day.

by: Teresa/Florida

We moved to Florida one year ago and are still learning about the retirement stage--and it's ups and downs. We have made inroads but still have some days where we wonder if we did the right thing.

It is beautiful here and we have lots of choices about what to do. We are working on getting healthy (exercise, changing our food, etc.) and are gradually making new friends and setting up new routines.

I'd say give yourself some time and don't expect life to be like it was. We are very lucky to have the opportunity to make new routines--with lots of options!

what is?
by: Lynn

I have lived a long time and realize I was definitely too soon old and too late smart. Honestly nothing was all I hoped for, not life, career, marriage, and not retirement either.

Perhaps we have unrealistic expectations. Just enjoy what you can.

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