Nothing beats the Florida lifestyle!

by Aaron
(Toronto, ON, Canada)

I have to admit, I'm still young and have MANY years before I'm enjoying the best state in the USA. I grew up in Toronto Canada and spent so many years always going down to visit my grandparents in Sunny Isles. So many nice memories. At 29, I started a business that allows me to come down as often as I can!

I help bring Snowbird and retiree cars down by way of a drive away service. I know Florida like its my home away from home and if anyone needs assistance getting their car down without having to spend days on the road, or paying a fortune for a truck transporter, let me know! It would be my pleasure to help!

check my website out:

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The Canadian Way
by: Joe W.

I thought that the Canadian snowbirds drive their own travel trailers to enjoy their time along the way and to save on hotels or motels, eateries and points of interest facilities like campgrounds. And, if they are staying in Florida or Arizona most of them plan a holiday that typically lasts 3 to 6 months under their Canadian residency agreement. If Canadians stay in the USA longer than 6 months they could lose some of their Canadian government social security benefits.

I would imagine that your drive away services could be used by ALL ages.

Joe W.

Florida Lifestyle
by: Barbara

Hi Aaron,

It's nice to have another Florida neighbor on this site! I'm in Central Florida.

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