Nothing to Do (a Poem)

by Carol K
(Ontario, Canada)

I woke up this morning

with nothing to do.

I looked at the cat

and he said, "me too!"

Together we walked

'round my tiny place

looking for tasks

at a leisurely pace.

And then he said gruffly

"look at this chair,

a nice place to rest

but it's covered in hair!"

Look at this sink

there's a dish or two,

surely these things

give you something to do?"

So, I got out the vacuum

the soap and a rag.

Meanwhile, the cat

hid his head in a bag!

I finished the chair

and the dishes were done.

The cat disappeared

to lie in the sun.

I thought to myself

"well, my work is all done,

I might just as well

join the cat in the sun."

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Another Poem: UNLONELY
by: Mark in Maryland

Here we are, just you and me
A few great years into our own Act Three.
Just you and me, kid.
Where else would I be?
Because you make me so

Loved your poem! I thought you might like this I just wrote:

Those easy times when we’d sit and eat
Quietly together. I find it
Sweet that it’s been so long
Since that first time at the pizza place
Just down the street.
Unlonely then and
Unlonely now.
I still don’t get it,
I just don’t know how
We found each other.
Just you and me.
We make each other so

Great Poem
by: Canadian Retiree

Seems like my house has become my refuge since I retired. Some days cleaning and decluttering are all I have to keep me busy.

Great poem!

Nothing To Do
by: Lorrie

LOVE your poem! That about sums it up, too. The nice thing about retirement is that we don't HAVE to have something to do each and every minute. Sometimes cats do have the right idea!

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