Nothing To Do

by Carol K

I woke up this morning

with nothing to do.

I looked at the cat

and he said, "me too!"

Together we walked

'round my tiny place

looking for tasks

at a leisurely pace.

And then he said gruffly

"look at this chair,

a nice place to rest

but it's covered in hair!"

Look at this sink

there's a dish or two,

surely these things

give you something to do?"

So, I got out the vacuum

the soap and a rag.

Meanwhile, the cat

hid his head in a bag!

I finished the chair

and the dishes were done.

The cat disappeared

to lie in the sun.

I thought to myself

"well, my work is all done,

I might just as well

join the cat in the sun."

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Cat Complaints
by: Sue in NC

Great poem, I like it a lot.

My cats usually complain for food, not to get me to up my game of neatness in the house. But my Higher Power does want me to take care of my home because clutter and tasks left undone or half done tend to clutter up my mind and take away some of my zest for living.

When I wake up in the morning and find socks and crushed up balls of junk mail in different places, it just makes me happy because I know my cats had a busy time.

I am doing better all the time with tidying and short bouts of cleaning. I can then go out and do other things and come home to a welcoming place, with a few meows thrown in from time to time.

Best regards,


by: Irwin lengel


Very cute. Thanks for sharing. Your cute poem says it all re us retired folk.


Thank You
by: Joyce/Texas

Thank you for that poem!! That brought joy and a smile to my face!! Please send more when you can,

me and the cat
by: Cindi H., Ohio

Cute! Thanks for sharing.

nothing to do
by: matt i

What a wonderful way to enter both spring and soon summer.

Your approach and choice of words is a person that is in the moment of our precious time to just a bit of this and a bit of that - doesn't how long just puddering around - thanks for making my day

Nothing to do
by: Jeanne Savelle/Atlanta

This is really sweet and charming, Carol. Thanks for sharing it.

Your Poem
by: John A/Tyler,TX

Sounds like you have a good plan to me;
join the kitty in your day in the sun.

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