Now....let us count our blessings

by Ricardo

After having read some of the comments concerning, depression, anxiety, and boredom, I would offer some of my own thoughts on aging, life in general, and our responses to what occurs to us.

First of all it is my belief that it is up to us to try to resolve our problems from Usually makes us a stronger more self reliant individual. I realize that occasionally we all need some help along the way, a shoulder to cry on if you will. However, I also believe that a self reliant person is a person that will survive somehow!

I realize that "mere existence" is not our goal in life, however dependence on others often leads to disappointment. Getting involved in ANYTHING is always a good thing to keep us busy, both mentally and physically. However, IF we go thru the motions simply to appease someone, it will NEVER work. We have to WANT to do it for ourselves and our own well being!

Whether it is over eating, over drinking,anything....unless we want to do it from within, it will not happen! We can all roll over and play dead....the WORLD does not goes on, and the earth keeps spinning.

If WE die when we bury a spouse, retire, loose a job,loose a friend, then life is over as we knew it....DO NOT LET THAT HAPPEN TO YOU!

Be strong, reinvent yourself......become self reliant, you will be a better person for your efforts. It is amazing how strong we can be when we are faced with adversity. Use that power, that strength become a better wiser person, for NO ONE cares more about you than YOU!

As I often tell my grandchildren, always try your best in All you do in life, and you may not always succeed, but you will be at peace.

We ALL having blessings that were bestowed upon us.......let's COUNT by one!

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One can but try
by: James

One can but try to get over the hurdles that life throws up. I have no doubt that inner strength is important, but for some the strength no longer lies within. It is weakened by various outside forces.

Knowing oneself and coming to terms with situations is vital to regain inner strength. It takes time and having friends and family nearby is a great help. Also a spiritual belief along with exercise helps too.

The old musical adage 'pick yourself up, brush yourself down and start all over again' may be somewhat flippant, but it rings the right bells.

by: Sharyn~~~CANADA

Thank you very much for that. l must admit l had tears in my eyes just reading what u wrote.

by: Anonymous

Thanks for your advise and suggestions.
We should follow.Om

Great suggestions
by: Sheila

What you say I agree with 100%. We all have inner strengths we forget to use when disaster strikes. Instead of blaming fate, accept the challenge and use the opportunity to show the world that you can rise above whatever threatens your happiness, and a new life will be your reward.

by: Sharyn~~~CANADA


U r really amazing, spot on. l like what u have written this last x too. We should do what we suggest to our grandchildren? Yes. However, we have been there & done that.

I know grandchildren grow up very fast~ from 2001 - 2011 my grandchildren were my life, the best 10 yrs. of my life. Absolutely. THEN they grew up. 2 little girls, we had sooo much fun, l can't even begin to tell u.
Now there is an emptiness, a void l can't fill.

l knew our relationship was becoming different when there were no more phone calls, text messages, or unexpected visits! All because they are growing up!

The Girls r 12 & 15 yrs. of age this yr.

l'll remember always, however they will not, that's just the way life is. Sooo sad.

Wendy: Sharyn, just gotta say I think your last sentence is wrong. They do remember, just get too busy with life at this age - which is really sad. BUT I remember times:
-- when I stayed overnight at my grandma's, we colored together, the house smelled like garlic, and I got hives over and over because I was allergic to fish and they were in the freezer and I'd look for ice cream - then have to go home.
-- when I went shopping with my Aunt, to the big stores, ate at a fancy restaurant (in Hudsons), she'd buy me something, great memories.

Lots of memories, don't kid yourself, they do remember the times with you!

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