Observations......and other thoughts

by Ricardo

Since at this point in my life.....almost in retirement, it will be about six weeks or so, it seems as though I (as well as my other half) are spending more and more time visiting our aged parents either in nursing homes or, in my father-in-laws case, at his home just checking up on him.

It seems as though as we age we become more and more dependent on others for even simple tasks that we once took for granted and never looked back! Now we cannot even turn our necks to look back...ha!

My observations as I visit these facilities are many. My own mother has been in her current facility for almost ten years now and in fact is the second oldest living there.....she will hit that magic "100" mark next May, God willing.

My father passed on in that same facility four years ago just short of his 93rd birthday.

My mother has outlived literally all of her relatives and all of her friends, especially the ones she has made at the facility over the years. Her mind is still fairly sharp, her hearing is poor, even with "aids", her mobility is limited. At this point in time she does not have much of a desire to go on with life.

I keep telling her about "the big party" we will have when she reaches that magical number....it does not impress her, she is "tired" and ready to meet her "Maker." Of course I tell her repeatedly that she, nor anyone else is in "control" of her destiny, other than her God. She understands this somewhat, but, grudgingly.

It seems as though as one ages, and from my observations, seldom are the very old on the same page with mind and body. Either the mind is still "in tact", and the body is withering, or in my mother-in-laws case, the mind is shot.

Some elderly, both mind and body have failed them.....yet they are still not "called to that journey home."

Life at this stage, if you can call it that, where their lives revolve around eating, sleeping, and doctors visitations, seems to not have much of a purpose....

I ponder this quite abit since I am exposed to the facilities and elderly often in my "pre-retirement weeks.......how will yours truly age......what is in store for his future? I guess the jury is still out on that one....gotta live life to the fullest if we can....God only knows what the future brings for any of us.....

P-E-A-C-E O-N E-A-R-T-H this holiday season to one and all!

Wendy: Ricardo... Days ago, my sister got a call from a cousin saying my mom's sister is ill, won't allow doctor intervention as she is ready to die.

She lost her husband mid 2012, and despite being quite wealthy, has nothing left to live for. At some point, money means nothing.

She is age 93, and when we visited them both in California in January 2012, both seemed fine. Of course, they had lots of smaller complaints but nothing life threatening. A year later, he is gone, and she is ready to meet him.

We never know what is next in life...

Live each day as if it might be your last!

Enjoy Life! Don't just live it!

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