Oh Wayne - Once a service worker always

by Wayne
(Eustis, Fl. USA)

With a full knee replaced, botched shoulder surgeries (3), some stomach removed, head trauma, two hearing aids (deaf without), and still trying to seek full time labor employment.

Had to test my limits this past week, tried to be a tree trimmer with gaff and spike climbing, 8 hours a day, I TESTED MY LIMITATIONS, lol.

So now I am in hopes of being a estate maintenance and caretaker. Lets all hope that Wayne has learned his limitations. I look forward to using a zero turn lawnmower, trimming edges, caretaking of some horses and a ostrich, as my friend turns to me and laughs out "why don't you just run for President" and much thought on the ideal I will agree with present President response on how difficult it was to direct. Yep I will just by pass that application.

Tune in next week on "OH Wayne"

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by: Sherry/Wilmington, NC

Thank you for the laugh!! You are funny!

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