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Write lyrics for fun and produce a CD
by: Ben Berg

Hey I'm retired and have a music studio in my home. Why don't you write some songs and I will set them to music....I use to be the back up keyboard for BTO and the Guess who in canada and compose for other I'm just doing this for fun or for publishing/ record companies her in L.A..Ca.was in Canada Winnipeg/Vancouver.
I compose/produce/play all the instruments/sing/ and complete a DEMO CD 100 % ...If you want something to do and have some works trust me...oh have a record label also or I press on any name you want on's fun..

Ben Berg..if you want to proceed I will give you my e-mail address..and mail the CD to any address does not have to be yours...I understand...

If not just delete and take care, just helping people who love music and want to get involved.

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