Old Age

by Lynn

Well I never thought about old age...you don't when you are young do you? I might have made better choices if I'd realized how long I would live!!!!

I don't particularly like this stage of life, though I'm happy for the gift of a long life and grateful for each day and good health.

Unfortunately I have poor vision (macular degeneration) and I don't drive any more. Really restricts freedom especially in a small town (my fault, perhaps should have stayed in a big city but this place is so safe and peaceful!)

I do lots of things, yoga class, hula dance class (great fun), linedancing (not so much here) and walking my dogs. Sometimes I see my son and daughter and grandkids nd that's very enjoyable. I trade the stock market and tht's interesting and usually profitable.

But I don't feel like ME anymore. Guess this sounds strange. Interested in other older people's view of old age.

And maybe people have always felt this way as they age but the world seems insane!!!!!!

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Retirement and Old Age
by: Ken San Diego

I found that you are only as OLD as you make yourself to be!

I am 67 and just retired a year ago, I would have worked longer (part time) but the company moved to Texas!

The first 4 months of retirement was good, but as I approached 9 months? That's when I realized, Oh My God! What do I do now?

I find that it is great to plan a trip or 2 so you have something to look forward to. I do spontaneous lunch/dinners North of where I live (San Diego, CA) and I take the train! If friends or coworkers want to join me...great, but if not...great as well!

The best thing to remember is: GET OUT OF THE HOUSE! I go to the gym (3x week) just to have a routine... I do have the break the habit of staying up to all hours of the night (2am, 3am etc.) because then I sleep in too late!

Best Wishes!

Who am I
by: diane Canada

I find it interesting that you don't seem like ME anymore as I have the exact opposite experience.

I have been retired for 4 years now and am discovering ME more and more.

I was a manager in a difficult and demanding career and never really thought much about myself. No one did but if someone would have asked I would have described myself by my job. Now I am finding out more and more about myself.

I actually like people (didn't think I did, mainly based on my job). I smile a lot more than before. volunteer doing all sorts of things not related to the job I used to do.

I am beginning to think about myself and it is an ongoing discovery.

Right there with you
by: Sandy

Thanks for your post. I feel the same way. For some reason, my age is really a concern to me.

I have gone to a therapist and discussed this and was told "you only have today - so enjoy today. You can't fret about your age because none of us knows how long we have". Well that didn't make me feel any better.

It is interesting that, when we are young, we don't even give this part of life a second thought and then....BOOM. There we are....in our 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s....

I have the utmost respect and appreciation for the people on this site who have found a way to celebrate where they are in their life journey, as opposed to looking back. They are truly enjoying this part of life. But for those of us who may be a little less joyful, it is important to keep trying to appreciate that we are still alive and that we don't want to spend these precious years worrying. Easier said than done.

Crazy world
by: Anonymous

There are times when I feel like I'm going crazy myself.

I have the comfort of life which I'm thankful for but I find myself wishing I was single... because I love being by myself. It's peaceful that way.

My husband drives me crazy when he yells at me and yet I still care about him.

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