Old Fart

by Irwin Lengel

Did you ever think of what it must be like to turn 80? Join me, won't you, as I do my best to share with you some of the things that definitely put us on the list of "Old Farts!"

You remember when we could go out to eat at restaurants, we selected the restaurants for their quiet ambiance versus their culinary genius.

You have recently realized that fiber has a whole new importance in our lives at this age.

You remember not too long ago when your knees used to creak just when we walked up and down stairs. Now that we are past the age of 80, they creak when we just walk, period.

You remember how you only needed one pair of glasses, now you find yourself keeping the old pair each time you get new glasses just so you can put a pair in almost every room of the house just in case you have to read something and forgot where you took them off last.

If you are like me, you cannot hold your booze like you used to, which is sad because you need it now more than ever.

Should a good friend or neighbor die at the age of 79, you find yourself saying "but they were so young!"

My twin brother (yes there are two of us) was recently told he was gaining weight too fast so he now has instructions to lose weight to be healthy. Remember when we lost weight to be skinny.

Remember I spoke of glasses above - well at our age, we realize that when our glasses are lost, we should just head to a mirror because chances are they are most likely on the top of our head.

Okay, time to bring this ranting and raving to a close. Let me take you back in time for a minute to the days of Bob Dylan who, if memory serves me correct, once said:

"The times they are a changing!"

Stay safe my friends!

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Recent comment from Minoru in Yokohama, Japan
by: Irwin - Auburndale Florida

Thank you for your kind comments. It is both challenging but fun once we reach our 80s. It is nice to hear that people all over the world see my comical rants and raves about life.

Stay safe my friend and keep those glasses close by so you can read my next weekly post.

I truly appreciate your comments.

Getting there
by: Minoru/Yokohama, Japan

Hi Irwin

It is good to keep your humor. I am becoming 80 this September. I know when I was in thirties, forties, ] I used to tell myself how these people can stay alive so long. I was looking at people of my age now.

Yes, I do have two pairs of glasses and I need to switch them every minutes or so so that I can see what I am looking at. This is is I am lucky enough to remember where I put them last. Well, I do not have to go far to find them because I live in a small apartment designed for elderly folks like me.

It is strange, though, I still feel like almost the same way I used to feel when I was a lot younger. And strange enough, when I see other folks of my age, I feel that they look pretty old. I am there myself. Well, physically, you are right. I have to admit that I am not like what I was younger.

This is just a little note as I happened to be the same age. We also live in this miserable world with the coronavirus all over the place.

Stay safe and healthy.

Minoru Sadayasu

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