Old Glory - Remember Me?

by John A
(Tyler, TX)

On November 10th, the United State Marine Corp will celebrate its 242nd birthday. And then this coming November 11th will be our nation's Veterans Day.

This is a special day to those of us who served this nation....at least it is to me.

I am a Vietnam era Marine and proud of my service. I thought I would share a poem written by an unnamed veteran. Given the "take a knee" in the NFL, I find it very disturbing some disrespect our flag.

I'd like to ask each of these individuals one single question as they take a knee during our National Anthem: How does your life feel at the expense of my buddy's life?


Hello, Remember Me? Some people call me Old Glory; others call me The Star Spangled Banner. Whatever name you call me, I am your flag, the flag of the United States of America. Something has been bothering me, so I thought I might talk it over with you; because it's about you and me.

I remember some time ago, people would line up on both sides of the street to watch the parades. Naturally I was leading everyone, proudly waving in the breeze.

When your daddy saw me coming, he immediately removed his hat and placed it against his left shoulder so that his hand was directly over his heart. Remember?

And you, I remember, were standing there straight as a soldier. You didn't have a hat on but you were giving the right salute. Remember your little sister? Not to be outdone, she was saluting the same as you with her hand over her heart. Remember?

What happened? I'm still the same Old Flag. Oh, I've added a few more stars since you were a boy, and a lot more blood has been shed since those parades of long ago. By now, somehow, I don't feel as proud as I used to feel. When I come down the street, you just stand there with your hands in your pockets. You may give me a small glance, then you look away. I see children running around you shouting. They don't seem to know who I am. I saw one man take his hat off, and when he didn't see anyone else take off his or her hat, he quickly put his back on.

Is it a sin to be patriotic today? Have you forgotten what I stand for, and where I've been? Anzio, Guadalcanal, Korea, Vietnam, and Desert Storm!

Take a look at the memorial honor roll and see the names of those patriotic Americans who gave their lives to keep this republic free. When you salute me, you are actually saluting them.

Well, it won't be long until I'll be coming down the street again. When you see me, please stand straight and place your hand over your heart, and I'll know that you remembered.

I'll salute you by waving back.

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Old Glory
by: Anonymous

I love you Old Glory. I see you often.......every time I look out my windows. You are flying over the Veteran's hospital close to me. I often put my hand over my heart and say the pledge.

"I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with
liberty and justice for all".

Poem for flag
by: Marcia/East Stroudsburg, PA

That was a beautiful message. It made me cry thinking about how disrespectful people are today. I hope the message will touch the hearts of those who disrespect our flag and what it stands for. So many died for our freedom and we wouldn't be who we are today if not for them.

Thank you for sharing.

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