Older Americans Month - May 2020

by Wendy, www.retirement-online.com

In May, our nation celebrates Older Americans Month. The Older Americans Act serves over 11 million people each year.

As many seniors continue to age in place by living at home, the resources online become more readily available to you.

Senior resources

National Council on Aging: They also have a Benefits Check Up where you can enter your zip code and see what's available locally to help you.

The National Institute on Aging focuses on nutrition, exercise and safety for seniors.

American Agency on Aging

The Eldercare Locator allows you to search locally for services you may need.

National Service, Senior Corps is great for serving as a volunteer, foster grandparents and more.

Really so much to explore on any site... you just need to take the time and dig for information!

Veterans Resources:

First, here is the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs

Also, Check out:American Veterans Aid to see if you qualify.

Or maybe: National Veterans Support

Did you happen upon this page before I edited? GRIN! I must be getting old -- I published with bad links and hadn't finished it yet! Yikes! Many Apologies!

Got More?

What resources do you use? Link the sites below in the comments for others to find!

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