Older Peoples Rights

by Kelly Palmer-Allen
(South Africa)

In South Africa we have the Older Peoples Act 13 of 2006, which protects the rights of all elderly people. I believe every Country has basically the same type of Law that protects the rights of their elderly people, and therefore, all elderly people must take note of such a Law and ensure that their rights are being respected at all times.

Elderly people have the right to be treated with dignity, taken care of physically, mentally and spiritually at all times. It was noted that many of the elderly are unaware of their rights and thus land up in a bad abusive situation.

Social Services should inform the elderly of their rights and also see to it that such a Law is upheld to the benefit of all elderly persons.

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Elerly Rights?
by: Dean Tennessee

I'm not aware of any law in the U.S. like the one described in this post but the benefits provided sound like things each person is responsible for. In other words personal responsibility. All people should be treated with dignity but I don't feel that it is anyone's responsibility to take care of me.

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