On a quest

by Helene Botch
(Murphy, NC)

Currently I am with hubby in Arizona, visiting my son and his family. After moving to the Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina just a year and a half ago, it has become too isolating and lacks good health care, so we are searching Arizona houses, wondering if this would work.

At this point it does not feel like the right fit ... all the sandy desert, cactus and heat is not uplifting. In my mind I see a cute little bungalow home, a garden with flowers and life, friendly neighbors, sidewalks to stroll about and a place to get out on a bicycle for exercise and enjoyment. That is the vision I am hoping to make a reality.

If anyone can suggest a place where I can find that, I would be very happy. Every day I search online but no success yet. I am hoping these morning makeovers can keep me motivated in some other way so I can continue my search!!!

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On a quest
by: Sherry/ NC

Hey Helene, I live in Wilmington, NC at the coast!! This is a beautiful area of NC to live!! Please come and check it out. We have all 4 seasons here, but winter is the shortest, yay!!!

Where is the place?
by: Anonymous

Helene: If you want to be close to your family, there are woodsy places in Arizona...Flagstaff very cold in winter though, Payson, not too cold in winter, and other smaller cities in the woods. Look around you may find what you want t here.

Helene from N. Carolina
by: Anonymous

Hi Helene! I also live in Arizona and have for the last 40 years. Needless to say, there have been big changes here, with all the growth and influx of people from "less friendly" states.

Oddly enough, my hubby and I have been scouring the online real estate listings for a small place in North Carolina! I read your line about moving from there after only 1 year, and I do take what you say to heart. Perhaps that won't be a good fit for us either.

Arizona is oppressively hot in the summer and the summer starts in the next two weeks! (May to late October). There are, however - nice little towns in the mountains that are cooler, smaller and friendlier than the big metropolis that Phoenix/Tucson have become.

Take a look at the towns of Heber, Overgaard, Eagar, Springerville, Alpine, Nutrioso, Pine, Strawberry and Payson, AZ. You may find what you're looking for in one of those towns.

Good luck to you and your husband.

Colorado sounds lovely
by: Helene Botch

Eleanor, I will give Colorado some investigation. The picture you posted of a finch recently caught my eye, as I loved watching them at my feeder when I lived some years back in New England. Thanks for giving me the suggestion about your area.

Locations: Colorado
by: Eleanor

Arizona does not sound like a place for you.
There are too many months where you have to stay indoors with air conditioning or do whatever, early morning or evening. I have friends there that have mentioned 118 degrees in summer.

Have you looked into Colorado? It's a very health conscious state and people here, walk, jog, ride bikes, or go up in the mountains,fish, camp, and so on.

I live in a small city where people still say hello when you are walking past. We have many days of sunshine, just not as hot.

I've been here 48 years and have never been sorry to live here.

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