One to Sixty in a New York Minute

by Donna
(Augusta, Mo USA)

Here I am in my Sixties now 62 to be exact. I am struggling with that fact.

Do I embrace this next stage or try to hold on as life turns another page?

I 'm not looking for a Guru or some type of Sage. I'm just asking questions.

Should I worry or be content, As now I realize my youth has been spent?

During my working years my days were all planned out. Now I'm retired I wonder what will my life be about.

I have all this free time. This kind of ME time.

How quickly 60's have arrived?
Wasn't I just in my 40's last year?

All I know is that life happens,
and we need to be clear.
Hold on to our hats and have no fear.

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In An Instant
by: Donna

Recently I had some life changing experiences with 2 good and close friends. The ugly Cancer has gotten into my life again. It made me rethink and reevaluate the way I was looking at life and the way we actually spend our time.

It is so easy to get stuck in our everyday without really being grateful and acknowledging what we have and have been given.

We all need gentle reminders from time to time life does change and we all will be different in an instant.

Ian also 62
by: PD / WI

I completely understand how you feel. It wasn't so long ago that I was young and beautiful, what happened? Where has the years gone? When I look in the mirror, I see a few glances of my youth but for the most parts, I see old age. And yet, I am grateful for each day I have.

by: Rox/BHC

I don't know about hats...but other people are VERY important. Probably not family. You see yourself more with others than with family, and you is who it is all about not age.

You are going through a stage darling.

I'm 64 and am just coming out of the one you're in. It's the hell that comes after the hell of menopause. Ha-ha. Something on the lines of going through puberty then your teens, only you are more AWARE.

Don't forget to see yourself, you won't know what to do with it if you don't, right???

Have a great day, spring is just around the corner. L8R Rox

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