One week into retirement

by Mike Canberra

Retired at 61 from the federal government service and am now one week into retirement after 43 years at work. Not missing work one bit.

Went through a great deal of anxiety pre-retirement before making that big decision. Now I feel it was right and have no regrets.

I have been a bit lazy this last week however I realise I need to get back into it and set myself some goals each day.

I exercise very day, walk for an hour or swim for 40 minutes which is the best way to beat anxiety.

My advice to anyone having anxiety prior to retirement is to manage your lifestyle carefully the usual way, exercise, good food, good sleep, no alcohol or other drugs.

Don't hesitate to get professional help from a psychologist if the anxiety and depression is getting on top of you.

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Want to do it, do it now
by: Ben

Glad you are enjoying your retirement. I retired about 2 years ago and it has been wonderful.

I even took up learning to play drums, something that I always wanted to do my whole life!

Sure, I'm not very good at it right now... a drum instructor told me that learning to play drums when you are "older" is very difficult due to learning limb independence. Oh well, I'm not planning to go on the road with a rock group-but I'm having fun.

I think when you retire you do realize that most of your years are behind what you want now. Take that trip, learn something new, go swimming! I realized it had been 25 years since I had been swimming-do it.

Bottom line-enjoy every day! Live life like today could be your last day, because one day for all of us it will be....don't leave anything on the table.

Sorry for any typos, I don't see as well as I once did.

by: Sherry Wilmington, NC

Get out of that house and start walking get some fresh air and see what is going on in the world.

You will find people to talk to when you start walking.

Your mind controls you and you can think
good things and do some nice things for yourself.

Get a pet they love you!

My grandsons keep me laughing!

Go to church on Sunday. There are lots of lonely people in church.

Go to Dairy Queen and get some delicious ice cream.

You can do what you want just do it!

Excellent advice
by: Carrie/ Dallas

I think you're right, Mike. Keeping some sort of schedule eases you into retirement. Having a to-do list makes you feel like you've accomplished something, and I put eating right and exercising on that list every day.

Remember when you were too hurried to make a healthy lunch? Now you have all the time in the world.

To busy to exercise? You aren't now.

Who wants to spend life in retirement sick or unable to enjoy life? I think it's important to make staying healthy a top priority.

Feeling good goes a long way to helping one's mental health too!

Wise Words
by: Elna Nugent, Lenox, MA

Dear Mike:

The last three lines of your story should be written in large letters on the billboards of the minds of new retirees.

You have a plan. It is a great beginning to a new life. I might just add one more comment.

" Expect wonderful things to happen and they will-
but only when it is the right time -
All you have to do is trust each day and be
grateful for it. Then watch what happens.

Many blessings.

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