Online Business, Anyone?

by Wendy

Keep Your Brain Challenged. It's FUN!

Keep Your Brain Challenged. It's FUN!

I am two weeks into a Website Challenge/ Class and loving it!

I love being challenged, part of the reason for this website! I need to continue to learn to keep myself upbeat and motivated!

Anyways, the Challenge is being done through NAMS (Novice to Advanced Marketing Systems) and they offer FREE Training webinars every Wednesday evening.

Tomorrow, June 12th, the class is: Rachel Rofé: How You Can Write a Profitable Kindle Book in 14 Days or Less

The next training is June 19, 2013 is Joyce Jagger: Getting Started When You Have a Small Niche Business.

Perfect for Newbies to Online Business... anyone care to join it?

Just click and register and you will get weekly emails on the next session -- each week, if it sounds interesting, Join it! If not, wait for the next one... simple!

P.S. If some of you join, please comment below. I will set up a Online Business Group in the Retirement Community for discussions on each class. Take notes during class, then go post them and I will try to help answer them!

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Weekly Webinar Class
by: Joe W.


Wendy, I think that Seniors(50 Plus) can use all the help they can get. I just registered myself for the weekly online webinar class. I'm hoping that they give us an e-mail reminder including the link prior to each class.

Secondly, it would be great if the people from retirement-online registering for this webinar would think about a new product or service that they would love to market on-line, then the weekly course would be more meaningful for them rather than just soaking in more new information.

Good Stuff.

Joe W.

Wendy: there is a reminder email every week, got mine at 7PM, an hour before the class. Perfect!

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