Online Business with Income? Really?

by Wendy,

EMAIL QUESTION: Tell me Wendy, can a person really find a part time or full time online business which generates a income ? That is a business in which a person can get that income without leaving their home if they chose? They work on their computer to run the business and in turn generate a income. Thank you for your honest response to this question in advance, take care.


Yes, of course... I have friends who raise their family on a home business all by computer. You need computer skills, passion on a topic that others will seek, etc. You also must put real time and effort into the business, it is a real business, just online...

Some people pick one topic: videos, ebooks, and teach others -- spend time learning all you can -- then either blog about it or write a class. Some blog about one topic hoping to become the Go To Place for it, a great resource: retirement, their home town happenings, or spaghetti recipes. :)

You can work for others, start simple at -- look at all the jobs people do for $5 (or more). See what services you might offer to others. Look at what they say and images they use to get the order... marketing helps too. After you do it for a bit, you get good ranking, you can move on to other platforms which pay more.

Start your own site. This is slower, takes time to write articles (or buy them), put them up, make a cohesive site that others will come too. Then sell your own classes, ebooks, add amazon ads, whatever you'd like to do for income.

If you had a specific topic or skill, it would be easier to answer. Tell me what you might consider... and I will give you ideas on how you might use it online.

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