Online Retirement Groups

These are a few of my online retirement groups for retirees to connect!

Retirement-Online has two options for you to connect with Online Retirement Groups.

We all need friends even in our retired years. People were not meant to live alone... you need people to share life witih, to share both the ups and downs.

Retirement Online Community

The first is the Retirement-Online Community  - my private forum for retirees. Simply register to write to retirees worldwide, or to search for new friendships one by one! 

If you click the link, you will go to a page about the Community itself so that  you can see if this is for you, or not... lots of chatty people simply looking for communication!

There are 2000ish retirees in this Community -- everyone manually approved in by me, Wendy, to keep the Community safe. You can chat with many in groups, or search the member database and find specific people with the same interests or location as you. It's fun!

Email Groups for Seniors

The second is my online email retirement groups through Yahoo groups... all are friendly, and you can easily leave if you decide it's just not for you. These groups were started many years ago, some are active, some are not so active, but -- you never know when a few new people join and get everyone chatting again!

Email friendships are great!

Email groups are like the old-fashioned "party line" on a telephone.... only via email. There are lots of ladies (and sometimes a few men) in each group. Anyone can post to the group by sending an email to the group address. Everyone in the group receives the email. The emails are not personal, they are not addressed specifically to you, they are group emails.. so beware... everyone in the group is reading them.

That's also the BEAUTY of Email Groups as an email sent to someone might just be what you are interested in! One person posted on potato sack dresses from years ago and everyone started sending their memories.

You can write general emails to the group, or ask questions. You can also specifically write to one person, knowing that everyone in the group is also reading the email.

You can read emails and never respond, but just enjoy the conversations from behind the scenes - or - you can jump right in and talk to lots of ladies all at once! Some might live in the same state as you, some far far away in a foreign land!


Click on the link to subscribe to the group, you can easily get out if you decide later it's just not for you! After you click on the link, hit SEND and the email will get you subscribed to the group!

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