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Welcome to my site -- my public community for retirees worldwide. This site began in 2008, before I retired in 2010, recognizing retirees need help during our retired years. We have a need to communicate about retirement, right?

I've had over 2,000 seniors post on a variety of topics and recently started a new page: Retirement Advice from Retirees to begin to highlight these contributions over my own content!

WHY would I do that?

These stories are all personal experiences from real people like you. There are personal Gems from many, and they don't even realize they've written a "gem" until someone else says "I could have written this!". 

The feedback from a "been there done that" senior is valuable.  The  recognition that "I am not alone... this could have been me" - simply shifts your perspective and you find new life views and ideas from others. 

The is my private Retirement-Online Community  - this is my friendship forum for retirees. Join to write to retirees worldwide, or to search for new friendships one by one! 

If you click the link, you will go to a page about the Community itself so that  you can see if this is for you, or not... lots of chatty people simply looking for communication!

There are 2000+ retirees in this Community -- everyone manually approved in by me, Wendy, to keep the Community safe. You can chat with many, or search the member database and find specific people with the same interests or location as you. It's fun!

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My Retirement-Online page is here. Most new posts from this site are published here so this is simply an easy way to find interesting info. Just simply an easy way to keep in touch!

My Retirement-Online group is here. This is where retirees can chat more... add your question, or watch what others have to say! 

Bottom Line: Friendship Rules!