Online Retirement Opportunity

Work from Home Ideas for YOU

For many retirees, retired life is not all about rest and relaxation. Those who have developed a serious work ethic often miss working. Others simply need additional income.

Fortunately, there are freelance job sites that retirees can enjoy and earn a supplemental retirement income too.

If you need a real long-term supplemental income, consider a website like I do. It's not a get-rich-quick scheme – but put the time and effort into it and you end up with an income even in the months you don't work on the website! Read my story here.

Here are more options for you. I'm listing them with the simplest first so you might want to join each and try a few jobs before moving on to the next...

These options will earn you a small income, and unless you really work it – you likely won't earn big bucks. Of course, it depends on your skill level, your willingness to work, and the income you really want or need.

Ebay is a great auction website where you can sell just about anything! If you want to simplify retired life, downsize your home, or start a business selling for your family and friends, read on!

Fiverr, as the name implies, allows folks to do things for five bucks! I know it doesn't sound like much, but look at the wild variety of jobs, many take just a few minutes, others longer... Earn income and stretch your Imagination here!

Consider doing online surveys... consumer surveys. Do surveys, get paid. Lots of folks enjoy this as a paid hobby!

Mechanical Turk lists a wide variety of real jobs (unlike Fiverr where some are downright silly), pick whatever you choose to do and as many as you can handle. Get paid!

Writing Life Histories for Fun or Profits could be a fun business if you like meeting people and helping them with their memories. I could easily do this, and might some day!