Retirement Income: Fiverr

Do you know that bloggers and other businesses online buy articles? 

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They do. Sometimes, they just can't keep up with all the things they'd like to do online. Other times they want to add more information on a specific topic, so we seek out writers for help.

I have personally used Fiverr for articles. Heck, it costs me only $5 for an article! I give the Fiverr writers the topics I need articles on. They write the article, then I edit and personalize it before it goes on my website.

Retirees who are fond of writing or blogging will find Fiverr a ready market for their skills. 

Try a new challenge -- writing for others. It's fun, you'll learn new things as you research an article, keep your brain mentally active AND earn an income for the niceties in life!

Fiverr is a good place to begin writing is where you get paid $5 for each job you do. This might be easy peasy work for you.

$5 for one job per day x 5 days = $25 per week = $100 per month 

Basically, if you work 5 jobs per week, even if they are all completed in one day, you'd earn $25/week from home.

Doesn't sound like much, but IF you became a well-rated writer, you could make much more. You could do 2 articles each day, if you can write off the top of your head, and don't spent time thinking about each word. It just depends.

Are you a writer?

  • Can you write on a variety of topics (whatever the buyer seeks)?
  • Do you enjoy the creativity of writing enough to try?
  • Can you do quick internet research to make articles interesting?
  • Can you simply listen to audio and type what you hear?
  • Can you do creative writing?
  • Can you translate documents from another language?
  • Can you write press releases, resumes, or write legal documents?
  • Can you write personalized poetry?
  • Can you edit and proofread documents?

Get paid more!

Then, if you look at, you'll see that many writers seek out more for each job.

I recently bought a story with senior-aged characters for $5, but I have to use his name IF I use the story, but for $10, you can claim it as your own. Here is the writer page on -- look at all the different types of writers that people look for. Click on a few writers and check out their "gigs".  Look at what they charge. 

Now this is what you aspire to... if you are interested, start at $5 until you have some good reviews, then go forward and raise your rates!Finally, above this line is 329 written words. One writer I checked out had a gig for 400 words for $5. I am telling you this -- because this is all you need to write.

400 words go really quickly. It's not like you are writing a HUGE blog post (though you could get more income from higher word counts), it's relatively simple writing on relatively simple topics!

Register for Fiverr

OK, who is interested in working on as a first step?

1) Register at for an account. All you need is an email address or you can also you use your log-in information in Facebook to registerr. Verify your email addess by following the instructions that you will receive in your inbox.

2) Customize your profile. Once you have created an account, log in and customize your profile. Add a little information about yourself, your past work, and the things you like to do. Upload a professional picture, an avatar, or even your own logo. A good idea for a logo is a one that says “Hire Me.”

3) You will need a account so that buyers can pay you. If you aren't already connected to Pay Pal, register there too!

4) Click on Create A Gig and write your offer for the overview page... an example is provided below.

Create A Gig on Fiverr


Gig Title:  I will xxx. (only 80 characters to describe what you will do for $5.)

  • I will write a 300-word short story.
  • I will write a personalized poem for your loved one.
  • I will write a 400-word blog article on any topic.

Select Category:  Writing & Translation

Gig Gallery:  You can skip this one if you are doing a writing gig. 

Description: This is only an example below of what your offer might be. You can cut and paste into your page and then edit based on the jobs you are willing to do and your knowledge base and interests.

Do you need content for your blog? I can write a 400 word article on any topic. I will research topics, when necessary, included in my fee. You will love my blog post because my writing is easy-to-read, logical, down-to-earth, and interesting too. My favorite topics are: health and nutrition, frugal living, living on a budget, grade school teacher issues, childrens stories. My work history includes: writing research papers as a university student, creative writing childrens stories for my family and friends.

Tags: Tags are keywords used to describe your offer. Use whatever you can to describe the work you will do. As you begin to type your tag, you will see suggestions below. Click and accept any that work for you as they are categories already used.

  • history blog posts
  • website articles
  • health articles
  • creative writing
  • childrens stories

Duration:  Can you deliver in a day? two days? what happens if you get several orders at once? Give yourself plenty of time, you don't want a bad review if you are late. One bad review can keep your rating down for a long time.

Extra Gigs:  Will you offer extra gigs?

  • $5 extra for one day deliver
  • $5 extra for an additional 400 words (total 800 words)
  • $10 for giving the buyer full rights to the post
  • Whatever else you choose to charge for, could be $5 for research, or $5 for formatting in a pdf file. Lots of choices!

Now you are registered and wait for Gigs.

If someone wants your gigs, they will contact you for possible orders or ask for more information about your gigs. How prompt you reply and how you write it will have a lot of bearing on the buyer’s decision to order your gig.

This is how I do it... I find writers I think I might like. I pay $5, then email them with my order: “I need 300 word article on retirement gift ideas” - they can accept the gig or refuse it.

Gig Ideas for Fiverr

Need retirement income? Fiverr is a job market for anyone who is willing to sell their skills for $5. Such skills can be as technical as writing programming codes or as simple as singing a birthday song.

Some recent “Gigs” (yes, they call them gigs here) were:

  • I will write jokes for your speech for $5 
  • I will send a post card from Rochester, Mn to anywhere in the world for $5 
  • I will write you an acoustic song on a topic of your choice for $5 
  •  I will give you ideas of things to do and where to while visiting Niagara Falls for $5

It's not big payoff for each gig, I agree, but someone using a Marilyn Monroe voice to sing Happy Birthday to your friend probably does this over and over all day! Just imagine those folks getting that special call (and it only cost the gift-giver $5 for this totally unique birthday call). Better yet, that gal made a little income for a few phone calls.

Just think, the Niagara Falls ideas for things to do, above, is the same file sent over and over to those paying $5. Simple! If you live in a touristy location, try it.

Doing online work is a feasible way for retirement income who have writing skills to earn a few dollars on the side. Join Fiverr now and start doing tasks for $5.

Think CREATIVELY -- I just saw one that says "I will have my dog lick peanut butter off your advertising sign" for $5.. Grin!