"Only forty five more years 'till I retire!"

by Margaret
(New York)

Retirement is what everybody in the work force constantly looks forward to.

I remember my father telling me that on his first day of work as a tour guide for the Empire State Building in New York, New York, he woke up and said aloud, "Only forty five more years 'till I retire!"

For most people in the work force, most of the time retirement seems intangible; a dream that will never come true.

When workers finally do reach the magical day of retirement, they often find themselves not knowing what to do with themselves and all of their new free time.

Retirement should be a time to do whatever you want. If you've always wanted to go on a vacation to Fiji, go. Spend a bit of the money you worked all those years to earn. If you've always wanted to learn how to ballroom dance, take up a class at a local dance studio. If you can do these things with your husband or wife, the more the merrier. The two of you will enjoy a great deal of bonding time.

Personally, my dream has always been to attend a competition at one of the Olympic games.

The second I am granted retirement, the first thing I am doing is satisfying myself and buying tickets.

You have lived a large portion of your life working for and pleasing others. Now is the time to please yourself and enjoy your hard earned years of retirement.

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