Oprah Show Ends

by Wendy

Yesterday, May 25, 2011, was Oprah’s last day on her tv show… Her words just sang out to me! The following is taken from my notes of her last day.

Yes, I grabbed my trust composition notebook and started recording what I heard. These are not her exact words, but what *I* heard Oprah say. I hope they strike your heart, as they did mine!

OPRAH's WORDS (via my notebook):

Every day, I stood here, exactly where I needed to be, I never missed a day in 25 years of the Oprah Show. This is what I was called to do.

Everyone has a calling… your job is to follow your calling. Your calling lights up your life!

Each one of you has your own platform, mine was this show. Yours is where you are – your family, your friends, co-workers, classmates – your stage, your sphere of influence. Every day, in Every way, let your life speak to others.

We all have our own powers, be it nurturing, forgiving, listening, healing – not everyone is paid for it either, but it’s still your power, your calling. Use your talents, your powers, every day to help those around you.

Honor my calling and carry your own calling, to share whatever you are supposed to do in life.

Nobody but you is responsible for your life. All life is energy – you, flowers, trees, rocks. Dr. Taylor (book author) says “Take responsibility for the energy you bring to me, to this space.” Use your life energies, don’t wait for someone else to complete your life, take hold of your calling, use it, you are worthy to be happy.

We often block blessings from God because we believe we aren’t smart enough (or whatever the case), we feel Unworthy.

30,000 people have appeared on my show and they all have one thing in common – they all wanted validation. People have the same desire: Do you see me? Do you hear me? Does what I say mean anything to you?

OPEN your mind, OPEN your heart – Validate people in your life. Tell them you see them, Tell them you hear them, Tell them they matter to you.

Finally, GOD. I’ve felt the presence of God my whole life.

Let it in closer than your breath.. Be Still and Know It. With every move and every decision – wait and listen for guidance, he is greater than my meager mind.

GOD is LOVE, GOD is LIFE, Always speaking to you, in whispers, very subtle…

What are God's whispers in your life?

Will you hear him?

Will you listen to what he says?

Wendy here: I hope you will find your calling in retirement. I really do. We aren’t meant to retire to Couch Potato status, we should live a vibrant, active, loving life!

I challenge you to do just that…

p.s. I think This website is MY calling! Let me help you, in some small way, find your retirement purpose...

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Thank You!
by: Theresa

Thanks so much for taking the time to share Oprah's words with us! Her last show was so special. I know I will watch it again and again. Thank God for DVRs!

Wendy I wish I would have taped that show, I'd watch it again in a flash... I bet it will be on her OWN network (I hope). It's possible we can find it online too (maybe her own website).

I think it also depended on your state in life -- her words just sang out to me! (still in my retirement transition, one year retired April 2011!)

Thanks Theresa!

Shaaabaash, Wendy ! (Very well done, Wendy!)
by: Retd. Prof. Durgesh Kumar Srivastava, New Delhi, India

Dear Wendy,

You have done a great service to all retirees by bringing Oprah Winfrey's final speech as she ended her 25 year long TV show. She has stressed the importance of one's calling and of the need to do one's duty with full commitment.

Your post on retirement-online.com motivates us all to do our work and not allow ourselves to be distracted from our work.

With best wishes to you and to all readers,

New Delhi, India,
28 May, 2011

Wendy: Durgesh, I haven't seen much of you lately! How are you? Good to see you are still out there, I wasn't sure where you disappeared to!
Thanks for your kind words!

by: Rosie Kihlblom-Baudou

is a remarkable lady and a very skillful businesswoman. Her show has been on the commercial channels here in Scandinavia TOO. Some of it is really enjoyable,...

Wendy Rosie, I always think that most of the visitors to my website are from the U.S... and yet, here you area from Scandinavia! Wow!

Oprah was worldwide and my little website is too! Grin! Thanks for reminding me!

Meaning of Life
by: Nina

In reading about Oprah's last show I thought about the meaning of life.

After reflecting on this question I believe that it just boils down to loving people and having them love you. Sometimes there are bumps in the road... where it isn't straightforward and you get hurt but then it is better to have loved then never have loved at all.

As for appreciating nature and creation, I would agree that this also can make you happy. But there is nothing more special than having the rare gift of love in your life.

Wendy Nina, this is beautiful! Thanks for sharing your thoughts! It is about the meaning of life.. think about retired life and LIVE IT to the fullest!

And that doesn't mean you have to travel far -- a simple lunch with a friend makes life worth living! It's the little things in life that count,...

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